The lesson taught by Karuna Akka and Julie Akka-How far Anura Kumara’s Yakuza team can go !


Rohana Wijeweera created JVP to move towards socialism through national liberation. But under Anura Kumara, the mission and vision of Rohana Wijeweera has been turned upside down.

At that time, Rohana Wijeweera saw India and Western countries as enemies who were trying to seize the economic and military centers of Sri Lanka. But Anura Kumara has become a pet of those countries.

Rohana Wijeweera saw the cadres empowered through education as the backbone of the organization. But Anura Kumara sees deals and money as the backbone of the organization.

Wijeweera’s disciples had a thorough knowledge of the world economy and geopolitics. But the disciples of Anura Kumara are a group of “Pada paramas ” just talk for nothing.

In the photo  is Karuna Akka who was Rohana Wijeweera’s right hand  also who was a full-time member of the JVP. She died last week. But Anura Kumar’s JVP does not talk single word about her.

Although Anura kumara reluctant to spent time on Karuna Akka , he spent time on Julie Akkaa who is in the American embassy.

In that poster, Karuna Akka is being talked about by The Frontline Socialist Party who left the JVP. But they talk about Karuna Akka not because of their love for Karuna Akka but because of their hatred towards Anura Kumara who turned the  Wijeweera’s policies upside down.

It is obvious, Anura Kumar’s JVP and Rohana Wijeweera’s JVP are not one organization but two organizations. 99% who were with the first JVP rebellion are not with Anura Kumara’s JVP today. 90% who were with the second JVP rebellion are not with Anura Kumara’s JVP today.

Rohana Wijeweera prioritized the  transparency in financial administration. Anura Kumara  completely ignored the transparency of financial administration. As soon as Galle-face struggle ended, Anura Kumara taken action to divert the stream of Diaspora  aid  to his paddy field.

Even in a village mortuary society there is transparency in financial administration. The details of the income and expenses  by the Society are displayed for the information of its members.

But how Anura Kumar’s JVP gets money and what happens to them, only the JVP yakuza gang (Anura Kumar’s 4 man team )  knows.

Currently, Anura Kumara has started traveling in Western countries, Middle East and Korea. The main purpose of these trips is to collect money

Why is National Intelligence Chief Suresh Saleh stay as mute spectator about Anura Kumar’s JVP and billions of money specially  who launched two armed struggles in 1971 and 1989 to overthrow the government and launched semi-armed struggle in 2022 .  Stay tuned for the special article next