If the UNP, which has become a party of grass-eating people, is to be turned into a party of rice-eating people


The UNP’s special general conference hold yesterday under the leadership of Ranil Wickramasinghe, in order to introduce new constitution  to the party.

Present Status of UNP.(Features)
1. Feudal features are more prevalent than democratic features
2. There is a place for those who lick the leader’s back rather than those who are talented
3. There are many  so-called advisors in the party
4. Most of the key positions are held by lethargic Tarzans
5. Context of Technology party is in the Stone Age
6. The party has not changed according to global trends

Facts being so, a Perestroika that rebuilds the party from the foundation is necessary. It is worth noting, that prevailing dramatic changes  taken place  in public consciousness should be recognized while bringing those reforms.

1. There is no room for Diyasenas  who save the nation
2. Resistance towards  privatization has disappeared
3. It has become difficult to create boogeyman to increase the votes
4. The era of political bunkers made of yellow robes is over (including the Catholic robe).
5. The political games of the  media smugglers has been exposed
6. Bureaucracy is getting rejected
7. Protests,  agitations and strikes have been discarded
8. The benefits of a welfare economy and the advantages of a production based  economy are understood by the people through experience.

All political parties in Sri Lanka today are exists as parties of people who eat grass and not as parties of people who eat rice.

To see a change, representative democracy and accountability must be defined through the  party constitution.