The PHI story – Government servants are more corrupted than politicians


Even if the politician changes from 5 years to 5 years, the  government officials  remains in power for 30 to 40 years. Because of this, there is a theory that not politicians but government officials should be used for underhand  deals. .

Today, local government institutions  are totally under the control of  government officials.  The number of politicians in this country is confined to two 225.. But there are 18 lakh Government servants.

It is no prejudice that saying  Government  servants are playing with the law and order . In short, the Government sector  has become an underworld.

Years back  the governor of the central bank announced that bankruptcy  without even informing the parliament.. Same manner he  increased CBSL staff’s  pay and emoluments

At present, Sri Lanka’s health service has attracted the attention of many people. Health workers has  involved  procurement of substandard medicine.  Recently   a PHI was shot dead. What he did and said while he was alive has been the subject of great controversy.

The PHI post  was introduced by British rulers then.  The position of PHI in the  military holds by other rankers, not by commissioned officers.

But PHIs in Srilanka clad  gorget patches on the collar. In military , gorget patches on the collar can only be clad by officers on or above the rank of colonel.

The National Alert asked clarity from  a Medical officer about this confusion. He  said wearing the gorget patches on the collar by PHI is illegal act. This shows how the public service has gone a stray.

The video  herewith contains a speech of  Roshan Kumara, who was shot dead recently, It was a speech  conducted to students . There are 9994 schools in Sri Lanka. 2500 of them have no toilet facilities and no water. But PHIs does not talk about these. Issues  The reason is that they cannot make money by talking about these issues.

As per international norms, there should be one toilet per 50 students. According to that, 99% of schools in Sri Lanka do not have adequate sanitary facilities. But PHIs do not talk these issues as they can not make money on that area .

The primary functions of PHIs are waste management, control of  pandemics and other diseases, water quality assurance, dog vaccination, mosquito control etc.
PHIs leave their primary duties aside and go after food and beverages  and hotels because it is the best room  to make money.

For a country to develop, it should  manufacture  value added products as possible. As of now a controversial video of PHI Roshan Kumara ( Deceased ) has become hot topic. There  it can seen severe criticization on Tipi Tip.  It is a (Tipi tip) value added  product that manufacture by corn flour. Indiscriminately condemning such local products is an act of treason.

Government  servants are people who are paid with public money, and they are very under-productive people. But a very privileged group .it is worth to note,  Government servants should be held much more  responsible for the  countries’ bankruptcy  than politicians.