The Sakwala program is a tragedy like Kasippu Mudalali sponsoring the Temperance Association.


As of now government has imposed restriction on Sajith Premadasa’s Sakwala project. Through that program, buses and computers were provided to schools. This article examines the pros and cons of the program

Advantages of receiving buses to schools
1. Being able to go funeral houses by bus ( Happy funeral trips )
2. Being able to go to sports events by bus ( Happy sport trips )

Disadvantages  of receiving buses to schools
1. The people benefiting from the bus is confining to very limited
2. The maintaining cost of the bus allocating on all the children in the school

It is worth to note, Sajith’s computer donation project is not second to bus project . Sri Lanka’s education system does not possess fit and proper school syllabus for Information technology.

Further Information technology has not been included in the primary syllabus. Therefore, providing computers without preparing the syllabus properly as well as without a national plan is a white elephant.

Distributing computers to schools without a national plan is a failed project. The first thing national politicians like Sajith should do is to include information technology in the school syllabus that suit the new world.

Due to the aforementioned basic deficiency, the information technology program started by Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2009-2014 also failed completely. (Mahindodaya Technological Laboratories” were proposed to cover  1000 secondary schools)

On the other hand, Sajith’s donation in buses and computers is a tragedy. No one knows where the money for Sajith’s projects comes from. According to reports, Sajith receives money from smugglers. From religious groups like Bone Again.

It is a great tragedy that the opposition leader of a country is drowning in the money of traffickers.

Short and sweet Sajith’s The Sakwala project is a tragedy like Kasippu Mudalali sponsoring the Temperance Association.