What about people like Sanath Nishantha where there is evidence that the crowned sons are involved in drug trafficking


When Sanath Nishantha was alive, Nimal Lansa was beaten up on charges of heroin.

A year later, Sanath Nishantha met with a motor traffic  accident and passed away. The accident happened in Lansa’s electorate.

People from Lansa’s electorate came to accident site to evacuate bodies and casualties and
It is those people who reveal about some suspicious parcels in Sanath Nishantha’s vehicle.


Because of this, Parcel accusation has  taken political shape  . But there is a possibility allegations could  be true.

Such juncture It is very  normal for police  officers to be helpless. Sub-Inspector Ruwan Kumara, who was at the Peliyagoda Highway entrance , had to commit suicide because of a political sponsored cover-up mission.

However, there are around 13 CCTVs from Katunayaka  to  accident site. it is worth noting In addition to eyewitnesses , the chargers level against Sanath Nishantha can be investigated through  CCTV.

Although it is a secret to the ordinary people that the politicians of the elite circles are involved in the trafficking of cocaine and high-dose heroin, same is not  secret to Narcotics Bureau . They  have proof too.

It is worth to note that, What about people like Sanath Nishantha where  there is evidence that the sons of  political VVIPs are involved  in drug trafficking

And there have been cases where narcotics officers who chase such elite sons have lost their jobs, and narcotics officers have gone to jail.

it is In other words  police officers who raid  VVIP criminals,  has being punished for the crimes that  they never  committed whatsoever

Should the police officers continue to be helpless because of the politicians who deal drugs and commit crimes?