No politics, Co-op should be transformed into an institution controlled by shareholders and not by political parties.


So far, JVP has taken over the power in several cooperative societies. Hence, the MPCS system has become an crucial event in JVP’s marketing  strategy.

JVP claims, JVP  cooperative societies are well governing and  it is a proof  for handing over the entire command and control of the country to JVP.

In 2009,  JVP took over the power of the Education Employees’ Cooperative Society (EDCS ) Nevertheless gradually  JVP  administration also  became corrupt.

By 2019, the JVP administration was accused of heavy corruption. Meanwhile, the Gotabhaya wave which emerge in 2019 overthrew the JVP administration . After power change JVP’s corruption further exposed with concrete evidence .

The above incident proved that although JVP is very clever in telling  fairy tales, But  do not fit enough to control even small organization

Short and sweet  JVP means corrupted cult , The only difference is chances that they are getting to steal  confined to less amount .

Nevertheless It is a national crime that  cooperative movement lying idle as corrupt institution which has assets  billions of rupees.

What should be done to make it efficient is not to change the political party controlling the institution from time to time but Co-op  should be converted into public limited company .

The cooperative movement should be transformed into an institution governed by the Companies Act in which the people have share ownership. This can be done by an Act passed by a simple majority in Parliament

Facts being so with immediate effect, The cooperative movement should be made an institution efficiently controlled by shareholders and not by political parties