Retired army officers should not be showpieces like monkeys of gypsy men


Time back JVP was a radical party, a revolutionary movement , a village-centered party.

But today it is not radical , no revolutionary features. Also a party nether centralized to village nor city . Anura Kumara has made it a private limited company.

Further Anura Kumara has restricted the career path for a rural youth to enter national level politics from the grassroots, National level key positions have been reserved for paratroopers.

The opportunities taken away from the village youth were given to businessmen like Ibrahim and retired high rank army officers.

As of now NPP has formed a team called Retired Tri forces forum and Major General Aruna Jayasekara, Rear Admiral Senadheera, Rear Admiral Seneviratne and Air Vice Marshal Thuyacontha appeared as main characters of it .

it is worth noting, Whether a military member is on active duty or retired, his primary responsibility is to protect the state thus Becoming a henchman of any political party is an inappropriate act.

Further, economic crisis has precepted people to new dimensions and as a result, criticism against the main political parties increased. The demand and acceptance of the armed forces too decreased.

In this situation, the JVP reserved space on its platform for Re tired armed personnel  whose demand is declining and fixed less price .

This is they got in to JVP bag, Aruna Jayasekara , Tuiyaconta  and Seneviratne did not enter the JVP platform to build the country. But for own survival game

There are 2 common characteristics of the military personnel who boarded JVP stage

1. Displaced or possess less option

2. Vengeful characteristic

Although many not known Retired Aruna Jayasekara first went to Sajith Premadasa. But at that time Sajith Premadasa had a number of senior military officers. Because of this, Aruna Jayasekara did not get the opportunity to get close to Sajith as he expected.

Meanwhile, the opportunity that did not get from Sajith succeeded through JVP Anura Kumara. This is how Aruna Jayasekara became JVP.

The characteristics of other military officers on the JVP stage are similar nature . Today, JVP is doing a political operation to increase its vote base by hook or by crook.

Military officers cannot be showpieces like monkeys of gypsy men . it is a tragedy that JVP is committing same mistake who usually pointing finger to others