Not only Rifa Kader but journalists who distort the truth for the drug money of the Muslim underworld should be investigated


The Incident

Demolition of Soul Beach Hotel in Dehiwala has attracted the attention of many. It was demolished with the intervention of several government agencies. They  stated two reasons that  caused for  the said demolition

1. The building being an unauthorized construction
2. The involvement of a drug lord in the ownership of this property

But the directors of the hotel, Rifa Kader and Sampath Atthatage, called   press briefing  and declared that the hotel is legal.

Background search

One of the directors of this hotel, Rifa Kader, is from Maligawatta area.Maligawatta is a name associated with the underworld and drug trafficking. Rifa Kader’s mother was a civil servant. But  Rifa  Kader did not  not follow  the mother’s  foot print .

During the young age of  Rifa Kadar,  Sudakaran’s Tamil underworld ruled Maligawatte . As such  Rifa Kader firstly compelled to associate  with  Tamil underworld.

At that time, a Muslim underworld was being forming  against the Tamil underworld. Babar Imitias, a Colombo municipal councilor, gave significant  support to it.. Kudu Noor, Faji, Toji, Anamalu Imitiaz, Manjal Akram, Ayub Khan, Maamasmi, Master Imitiaz were among them.

However, the Colombo municipal councilor Babar Imtias, who helped to build the Muslim underworld, was killed by the Tamil underworld. He was killed by Sudakaran’s shooter in front of Ananda college.

There was a strong suspicion that it was Rifa Kader is the one who accompanied the  Babar Imitiaz to the front of Ananda college . The Muslim underworld who investigated the  case and decided to  cut off  the Rifa Kader’s penis.

With the rise of the Muslim underworld, the Tamil underworld disappeared. After some time, Rifa Kader became close to Faji, the new leader of the Muslim underworld.

Slowly but surely Rifa Qader became Faji’s gossipmonger and mentor. Rifa Kader used Faji’s underworld authority  to gain power in several areas, such as

1. Karuvi trade. (Going to countries like India, Singapore and bringing goods as air passengers )
2. Drug trafficking
3. Extortion

Following the north east war , Gotabaya Rajapaksa started a special  operation to eliminate  the Muslim underworld. Muslim underworld leaders like Faji, Thoji, Manjal Akram, Mamasmee Anamalu Imtiaz, Noor were shot dead.

In the first round, only Mamasmee and Master Imtiaz managed to survive.

At that time according to intelligence reports, Rifa Kader accompanied  Mamasmi to Bangkok.

Form other side, Rifa Kader has intervened to bring Master Imtiaz to Sri Lanka through sea route , who fled to India to save his life. Thus   Rifa kader arranged another safe passage Master Imitiyaz to  move to Qatar and from there to Dubai.

In Dubai there is evidence that Master Imtiaz, Rifa kader and Kimbula Ela Guna dealt together. Soul Beach Hotel  capital includes all these black

In 2017, an underworld member named Riskan was killed by Gotha Asanka’s gang. Riskaan,  was a favorite of Makandure Madhush and Kanjipani of Imran. Walavatte Faizer and  Maligawatte  Bayiya helped to kill Riskan. Hence Makandure Madush was furious on them. Meanwhile, Bayiya and Faizer   fled to India.  Rifa Kader is the one who facilitated that journey

In the year 2018, there was a top secret meeting between Annasi  Morrill, Rahim, Faizer  and Bayiya in Chennai, India.It taken place At the luxurious residence at 79, ECR beach side road, Chennai. it was arranged by none other that main character herein  by Rifa Kader.

In the year 2021, Kimbula Ala Guna was arrested in India. After that incident, Rifakader took Kimbula Guna’s family to Dubai.

In the year 2021, Kanjipani’s father faced a knife  assault  .Said  attack was carried out by Manna kanna. The attack was ordered by Poogudi Kanna. Because of this, Kanjipani became enmity with Poogudi Kanna. In that juncture Rifa Kader helped Poogudi Kanna.  Rifa Kadar is the one who  accompanied Poogudi  Kanna’s wife, child and brothers to Dubai.

Rifa Kader is not only dealing with Shiran Basik but also Mohammad Siddique and Mohomed Mujahid.


In 2015, Wele Suda and Mohammad Siddique were arrested in Pakistan and brought to Sri Lanka in one plane.Wele Suda life sentenced and  Mohammad Siddique was acquitted.

Kanjipane Imran and Makandure Madhush were arrested in Dubai and brought to Sri Lanka in one plane. Madush killed and  Kanjapani Imran was released.

Shiran Basik is acquiring properties in Sri Lanka using crores of money earned from drugs.

Mohammed Mujahid is roaming around  the world and expanding his drug network.


After the operation launched by Gotabaya Rajapaksa against the Muslim underworld and their drug network, no operation has taken place till now. Gotabaya’s operation took place from 2011 to 2013.

The Criminal Investigation Department of Sri Lanka should arrest Rifa Kader and conduct a proper investigation regarding the above facts

A comprehensive operation should be launched to curb the Muslim underworld and drug network

Not only Rifa Kader but journalists who distort the truth for the drug money of the Muslim underworld should be investigated by the CID as soon as possible .

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