As How The Thief Of The Ash-Pumpkin Was Caught Let’s Identify The White Collar Crooks Who Associates With The Drug Network


For the last 50 years, no serious action was taken to combat the drug network   . Due to this, drugs became a new normal in the society . Selling and using drugs became a  common phenomenon .

The school has became the starting point of the drug addiction. Drug traffickers has became VIPs in the area. The security forces has  compelled to sleep with the drug lords. It is needless to say that the this  situation is a definite danger to the children of the country.

As such  even though there are loop holes , operation launched to combat  Drug network by Tiran  and Deshabandu is a need of the hour.

Drug network  is like an iceberg floating in the sea. The visible part of it is limited and a large part is there, that is not visible and is sunk to the deep.  Currently, various forces are working against on going  ”Yuktiya ” operation.

In particularly , two prominent politicians issued  statements disparaging the ‘Yuktiya” operation.

1. First case – “Seized drugs turning into ‘flour’ during legal process ” Justice Minister Wijedasaya issued such a statement.

However, the report about the seized drugs is issued by  the Government Analyst’s Department,   . That department is under Wijedasa. It is a known fact that the  Government Analyst’s Department   is corrupt institute . And there is a serious allegation that Wijedasa’s son’s law firm is appearing for drug lords.

As such,  issuing  a statement   that tarnishing the image of the police it is problematic,  instead of looking into the allegations leveled against the institution under him.

2. Second case – “The children of those who are arrested under are insecure” – This statement was made by Patali Champika.

When Champika holds the power and energy ministry Tiran’s Mawbima Newspaper exposed that Minister has committed a  billions of fraud  by coal tender.

Champika filed a defamation case  claiming that the Mawbima  newspaper shattered  his reputation.  It is worth noting said  trial was awesome . During  the trail  Tiran’s lawyers  CrossExamined Champika.  Tiran’s lawyers  asked over and over,   ”whether he posses any reputation to damage” . Subsequently Champika himself  withdraw the  defamation case .Facts being so there is a conflict between Tiran and Champika.


Yuktiya Operation may have loopholes . But what should be done is  not the sabotage but build a constructive dialogue.  Criticizing the anti-drug program for narrow purposes is a national crime.