Future of a country is determined by the output of the education system,How enemy forces are using JVP to destroy the future


it is undisputed that University education in Sri Lanka is available for a very limited number of people. Further Competitive global characteristics cannot be seen in Sri Lanka’s education system. Higher education is simply a matter of luck.

Lack of one mark can ruin one’s dream of becoming a doctor. But the situation in other countries is not like that. They can study in any field of their choice. This is what call ”freedom of education” and  is all about.

But according to the radical political parties including JVP, that system otherwise ”freedom of education” is a very dangerous and destructive thing.

They only want “free education” which means cost of free schooling from year 1 to 13  and a very limited number of people get a free degree from government university.

But this is not something that comes for free, it is something that is maintained by public taxes

Nevertheless They don’t want this system to change. But today, almost every country in the world is moving towards freedom of education, not free education.

That means anyone can get an education in any subject area as their choice. Today, education in Sri Lanka has  seriously collapsed due to not changing it according to the new world trends.

Today, not a single university in Sri Lanka is among the best universities in the world. Even tribal African countries have surpassed Sri Lankan universities.

And most of the products that come out  from the free education system are spoiled.
For example, even though the government spends a lot of money to produce graduates in the field of mathematics and science, No one does a new invention whatsoever.

More ever At least they can’t write a new concept paper at the world index level. And as soon as the economic crisis comes, the first  group who prepared to leave the country is so-called intellectuals that  produced by free education.

Those people are not  a group who think about the country, but who think about their survival.

Further JVP and radical parties not allow to change our education system suits with new world.