Functional legitimacy is the most important factor in politics . If kings can be made by mere criticism, Andare is also a king – (About JVP 5)


2024 is an election year. But it is not easy to predict the victory of any party. The reason is that the economic crisis mysteriously  controlling  the political behavior of the people. Today many people are hiding their political caste. Only JVP members are  showing its political caste.

JVP makes a serious criticism of the parties those have ruled the country so far. The main reason JVP’s to become so  popular is severe  criticism that put place  on others, and not because they have done  anything for the country.

It is a simple logic that  tax paying ordinary citizens are not responsible for the Sri Lanka’s economic crisis but rulers dose . And the economic crisis is something that is painfully feel by the every citizen.

Hence , JVP’s speeches such as  “That person is a thief , This person is a thief ”are bringing  joy to common people who are frustrated with the economic crisis .

People like to share FB posts made by JVP members accusing politicians. This situation affects the popularity of JVP in social networks.

It is true that people are disappointed with the parties that ruled the country for 75 years. It is true that,  in the context of national leader there is a vacuum.

It is also true that Anura Kumara is popular just because describing issues and criticizing others. But could that be enough of a reason to give royal power to Anura Kumara?

A similar political situation prevailed in Srilanka  during the last kingdom of Kandy . At that time, people were disappointed with the royal bloodline  as well as second in line . There was a big power struggle in the state. The anarchy was painful for the people.

Because of this, there was a strong demand for an alternative leader. At that time, a man named Andare became popular throughout the country for his criticism on  the king. People gathered to hear his stories. People talked from door to door about what he was saying.

No matter how popular he was, the people did not want to make Andare the king. The reason for this is that a matter of statehood needs a validity gained from action. ( Functional legitimacy )

Even though Anura Kumara is popular, people do not consider making him a ruler. The reason is that Anura Kumara is not a person who gained validation through activism, but a person who made speeches and became popular like Andare.

The important factor in governance is not the popularity gained through speeches but the  Functional legitimacy  .