SJB political map messed up by Mujibur Rahuman’s counter plot

2024 is an election year. Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa has prioritized agitations against the government rather than building his party.However, many SJB seniors  are of the opinion that strengthening the organizational structure of the party should be given priority over agitations.


Nevertheless, SJB first agitation was held in Colombo on Jan 30. But said  protest  met with heavy tear gas attack.

Reportedly Mujibur was taken to hospital as he claimed  breathing difficulty . Because of the tear attack and Mujibar’s hospitalization,  SJB operation messed up .

Mujibur was taken to hospital as he cited he had breathing  a difficulty due to the tear gas

At present, although Mujibur speaks with Sajith, both does not have true relation in reality. Sajith shrewdly robbed the  Mujibur’s MP portfolio is the reason for conflict .What Sajith actually did was beheaded Mujibur  under the guise of the local election.

Why does National Alert  say that?

Sajith directs Mujibur to the mayoral race knowing that the election will not take place

Sajith is contesting the next parliamentary election not from Hambantota but from central Colombo . The popularity that Mujibur had gained by sponsoring the  Galle face struggle was a threat to Sajith, who is coming from Central Colombo in the next election. Sajith removed the threat as per the Premadasa theory.

It is worth noting Jalani and Laxman Fonseka too  unhappy with  Mujibur . At present, a group of Colombo local  politicians are  standing   against Mujibur. Further They have complained to CID about Mujibur’s corruption. It is open secret that Jalani and Laxman Fonseka are behind the operation.

Whilst Sajith, went to National hospital to  visit Mijibar, Sajith has spoken unusually . Public  should not say that tear gas  were fired to SJB, what should be socialized is tear gas  are not fire to SJB  because of their clear victory.

Further Mujibur has asked to discharge from the hospital  as soon as possible  .
Short and sweet , Sajith’s political map has been messed up by Mujibur’s counter plot