Did Anura Kumara get caught in the trap set by India?


JVP leader Anura Kumara is currently on an official visit to India. This trip has attracted massive attention. Therefore, different opinions have been presented about it. Some such views are as follows.

1. Identifying NPP as the most popular political party in the country

2. RAW Intelligence predicting about  the next President

3. As a geopolitical victory against China

Facts being so The National Alert made an inquiry to an Indian diplomatic officer on this matter . The facts revealed by him about Anura’s visit to India are as follows.

1.In 1988 JVP attacked the Temple of the Tooth Relic . in an Indian intelligence report then it has been stated, purpose of the attack was signify the ”Boycott India ” as tooth relic is something received from India.

2. Delhi will never trust Anura Kumara

3. By boosting Anura Kumara, India has sent a serious message to the Rajapaksa and Premadasa families

4. The right wing camp has been told to unite immediately

5. India has planned to hand over the opposition leader position to the Tamil Alliance.