How Anura Kumara got a visa to America and the inside story of the trip


It is undisputed fact  that  US  general policy not to grant visas to radical socialist political leaders.  More ever  JVP Leader  Anura Kumara’s  USA visa succession is a  puzzle where Sri Lankan military leaders and even some current government ministers are not given visas.

Facts being so, National Alert investigated  on same and learned  that the Indian intelligence wing has helped Anura Kumara Dissanayake to get a visa to travel to America. In particular, the person posing as the Sri Lankan representative of the notorious Indian businessman Gautama Adhani has also intervened.

And it was revealed that the people who provided facilities to Anura Kumara in America were traitors to the country.

Most of them are a group of crooks who escaped to America by boat while participating in peacekeeping operations in Haiti representing the Sri Lankan Army.

They are a group of traitors who are seeking political asylum in America by testifying that the Sri Lankan Defense Force committed rape, child abuse and robbery in Haiti during UN peace keeping

Troi Dawood is the first among that group. He is also a person who was at the forefront of the pollical campaign of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa . He is an illegal stayer in America and is engaged in a job of transporting goods to stores in America.

The name of the next one is Kavindu Dhananjaya. A  man who worked on a ship, he came through a transit visa and stayed in America illegally.

The third is Saman Bandara. He is a ex army person, who later joined a ship and came to America on a transit visa, currently applied for a refugee visa and was denied and is now appealing for it.

The next person is Anura Priyantha who served in the Commando Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army. When Mahinda Rajapaksa came to the United Nations General Assembly, he performed as a bodyguard. He is currently in the US illegally awaiting a refugee visa.

Mahesh Amarasinghe is another member of this gang. He was a person who left the army and fled to America during the Haitian peacekeeping operation. He was a person who served in the Air Force.

The next person is Dhamma Tissa Dissanayake an ex service man , who is also seeking a refugee visa by giving false evidence against  SL military