How the godfather of kidney mafia play with the law and order


A group of civil activists complained to the Srilanka  Medical Council that Dr. Ranga Migara Weerakkodi was the godfather of kidney  racket in Sri Lanka. The complaint was filed through lawyer Indunil Bandara.

The complaint was investigated by Dr. Jayantha Jayawardene and Dr. S. Shanmugam, committee members of the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

The investigation against Dr. Ranga Migara Veerakkodi has been completed by now, but no action has been taken yet. Further there is  accusation that said report too disappeared as they bribed

It has also been alleged that Dr. Jayantha Jayawardene and Dr. S. Shanmugam, who were in charge of the investigations, were paid a large amount of money to suppress the report.

Ravaya, Lankadeepa, Silumina, Deshaya  newspapers as well as Local and Indian  TV channels  had reported that Dr. Ranga Migara was involved in kidney trafficking. The police also arrested the brokers who involved said racket, , but not a single doctor was brought before the law.

On an earlier occasion, an investigation related to Dr. Ranga Migara Weerakkodi was initiated by GKGN Priyadarshana of the Ministry of Health’s Emergency Raid Division, but said investigation also sabotaged by the  kidney mafia.

When Dr. Ranga Migara Weerakkodi was working at Jaffna and Polonnaruwa hospitals, young people were referred to a private hospital in Colombo as kidney donors. However, in the end, the young man who given  the kidney did not receive money. They complained about it to the police. Derana TV continued to report this incident. After that, the accused white-collar smugglers paid money to the media and suppressed the incident

Former Deputy Director of Colombo National Hospital, Dr. Rukshan Bellana stated that a group of high officials of the Ministry of Health as well as several strongmen of the Sri Lanka Medical Council are involved in this racket, which involves the exchange of billions of rupees annually.

A few years ago, the Sri Lanka Medical Council appointed Dr. Jayasundara Bandara Committee to investigate the illegal kidney  racket, but the kidney mafia disabled that committee. Today  It is undisputed fact that investigations on kidney  racket lying idle due to  financial power of kidney mafia

Because of this, culprits not only escaped but they are still involved in illegal human organ trafficking. Dr. Ranga Migara, who is currently facing serious charges, is working safely as a kidney doctor at Matara District Hospital.