Here is the real story about cricket in Sri Lanka


The Asia Cup 2023 was held in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka defeated Bangladesh and Pakistan in the preliminary matches of the tournament.

But they could not win a single match against India. In the Asian Cup final, Sri Lanka was all out for 50 runs. India in six overs, reached  the winning goal without losing a single wicket.

Match-fixing  for money is something that really happens in the world. This started in the 90s. But there is a big difference between the match fixing in early  90s and the match fixing today.

In the 1990 era, match-fixing was run by businessmen involved in betting. Today, match-fixing operating  as a political tool.

Early match fixing  was limited to a player’s performance in just one particular match. But today’s match-fixing has grown into large-scale political operation  including diplomatic pressure, invasion of the National Cricket Institute, stadium selection, ground preparation, selection of players and many .

It is worth noting not other nations but only Indian’s  has turned the gentlemen’s  game into  geopolitical racket.

Mohammad Siraj was the man of the match in the Asia Cup Final. He swung the ball very well in that match. The Sri Lankan ground staff  made the pitch in favor of Siraj. The Sri Lanka Cricket officials decided to bat first in favor of India.

Mohammed Siraj donated the money he received as the man of the match to the stadium staff. In addition, Indian Cricket Secretary Jey Shah donated USD 50,000  to the Sri Lankan ground staff.

There is a special training zone for Indian players called HPC in Kettarama Stadium. Not even a Sri Lankan player can go to that zone. This is the shape of today’s match fixing

Jay Shah has been accused of improperly favoring Narendra Modi’s Gujarat team in the IPL as well. There are many allegations of corruption against Jay Shah.

The Asian Cup final was held on the birthday of Indian PM Modi. Upon loosing the Asia cup MP  Tissa Attanayake said that the Asia Cup was given as a birthday gift to Naredra Modi.

In short and sweet,  Sri Lankan cricket board controlled  by Indian cricket secretary Jay Shah. Jay Shah is the son of BJP President and Indian Home Minister Amit Shah. Amit Shah is a corrupt politician who dreams of becoming India’s next prime minister.

The invasion of Indian cricket is not an isolated incident but an extension of the Indian invasions spread from every corner. India is a historical enemy of Sri Lanka.Shamimi Silva and Sri Lanka Cricket are a group of people working for the Indian aggressor.