Dilith Jayaweera started his political career together with the gang that said lord Buddha ate human flesh.


Gotabaya ended up being politically reminiscent of the fox that fell into the paint bucket. However, Gotabhaya was more of a planned painted fox than a fox that fell into the paint bucket.

Among the painters who painted Gotabhaya, Dilith Jayaweera was prominent. The art used by Dilith was nothing but  inflame racism. Dilith used his media channels to  create Muslim boogeyman. Then Gotabhaya took the stage as the only person who could fight against the Muslim boogeyman.

Nevertheless igniting the racism for the sake of power ended with the  great tragedy. Appointing an unfit person to the office of President ended in even more tragedy. Even though the country and the people were bankrupt, Dilith was not bankrupt either. Dilith became richer than before.

It is undisputed fact that Dilith from an ordinary family became a billionaire by misusing political power. Dilith who know the taste of political power are now planning to grab state power.

Although early days it was possible to create a Muslim boogeyman and win the election on the basis of Sinhalese Buddhist votes, today it is not possible. After the bankruptcy People are fed up with racism . Today, national unity has become the great common factor that can win election.

Abdul Raziq’s Tawheed Jamaat was the biggest contributor to the creation of a Muslim boogeyman. Those who are the ones who said Buddha ate Human flesh . It was from this organization that the Zaharan  who launched the Easter attack entered politics.

Now it is well evident Dilith Jayaweera, who is greedy for political power, has renewed another round of deals with Abdul Razik.However, many of those who ignited racism have now been thrown into the dustbin of history.

Gnanasara and other Buddhist monks as well as  Mawlawis  like Abdul Razik have been rejected by the people. Now Abdul Razik appears before the society under a different name. He now appears as Abdul Rafiqdeen.

As Abdul Raziq has been rejected by the people, his role has been assigned to someone else. Raziq’s second-in-command, Rasmin, has been deployed for the role. This time the main actor in the operation to betray the Muslims is Rasmin.

Further it is worth noting, It has also planned to built the  Tawheed Jamaat organization as a political party. The operation is taking place under the full support of Tamil Nadu Tawheed Jamaat leader P.Jenullah Abdeen.

Muslim extremism and Buddhist extremism are two sides of the same coin. There is no gain from them except destruction, but extremist politics is a source of money for them. It can be understood when we look at where the Gnanasaras, Rasiks, Dilits and Rasmins were then and where they are today.