Hamas attack on Israel is a puzzle-like  Easter attack in Sri Lanka that orchestrated by IS label


According to the latest reports from the Middle East, it has been revealed that the attack by Hamas on,Israel was a false flag operation. Further, the hidden objectives of this attack are as follows.

1. Invasion of Iran.
2. Conquest of Syria, Yemen, Qatar
3. Selling Qatari oil and gas to Europe through a pipeline that laid through Syria 
4. Saudi and US  together to form a petroleum  monopoly in the Middle East
5. Creation of a Saudi American petroleum hub in the Indian Ocean.

Saudi Arabia has 2 major petroleum fields namely Yanbu in the Red Sea and Dammam in the Persian Gulf  sea. It is worth noting The shipping route to these areas passes through 2 straits.

The port of Yanbu is located in the Red Sea, where the shipping route lies through the Strait of Bab El Mandeb. Countries like Yemen, Somalia and Sudan own the power of that sea route. Those countries are pro-Iran.

The shipping route to Dammam has passed through the Strait of Homs. Its power belongs entirely to Iran.
Yemen is a country bordered by the Red Sea on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. Mukalla Port, an important port in the Indian Ocean, is owned by Yemen.

The Saudi-American Petroleum Hub is planned to be created in the vicinity of this port. This is why Saudi invaded Yemen in 2014. But so far, Saudi Arabia has been unable  to conquer Yemen. The reason is Iran’s support to Yemen.

Many  people across the world do not know the true picture of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a country that works together with Israel and America. Further any country that challenges that camp has no existence.

Some of the countries that have been destroyed by the Saudi-American-Israeli coalition are as follows.

Somalia- The CIA and Mossad organized internal rebellions in Somalia which led to bankruptcy and  anarchy. Before the era 1991.Somalia was the largest military power in Africa.

Iraq – Invaded Iraq under false pretenses.

Afghanistan –  Invaded  under the guise of 9/11 and  twin tower attack was another  False Flag Ops too

Sudan – A coup that sponsored by the Saudi-Israel-US ousted Omar al-Bashir, who had ruled Sudan for 30 years. At the same time, Sudan became anarchic.

Libya – Through the US-Israel-Saudi sponsored Arab Spring, Libya’s ruler was assassinated and Libya anarchised

Syria- The Saudi-American alliance tried to build an oil pipeline from the Gulf region to Europe. The pipeline had to pass through Syrian territory.  Nevertheless Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was against it. In 2011, the CIA and Mossad created a terrorist organization called IS. This gang started a civil war to oust the Syrian  ruler Bashar al-Assad. At the same time, Syria became anarchic.

During the First World War, there was no country called Saudi Arabia. The Saud family ( From the day one and current Dynasty of ruling Saudi Arabia ) served the British during the First World War.

In other words The Saud family worked against the Ottoman Empire. With the end of the First World War, the British created a country called Saudi Arabia as a tribute to the Saud family.Saudi Arabia has been serving America, Israel, and Britain ever since.

Islamic armed groups such as Hamas, Al Qaeda, IS, and Al Shabaab were created by Saudi-American-Israeli agendas. In 1987, the first uprising against Israel otherwise Intifada was launched. It was led by Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization.

However, As long as these organization not full fill the aspiration of Muslims, split and collapsed. Also part of rebellions turned towards Iran gradually.

Al above one significant point must be noted. That During the Era of 1980 – 1990 Mossad applied the “Divide and rule” principle to Palestinian to quanquer  PLO leader Yasser Arafat’s power.

The Mossad gave military aid to Hamas to split the PLO . The Saudi government arranged the financial support. As such  it cannot be said that Saudi Arabia and Israel do not have relations with Hamas leaders.

Currently, Iran has become a super power in the Middle East.Futher Iran is in a covert operation that approaching nuclear military power.  Also day by day the Muslim world’s support  is turning  towards Iran.
The allegation that Iran supplied weapons to Hamas is false. It was a plot to invade Iran. Hamas attack on Israel is a puzzle-like  Easter attack in Sri Lanka that orchestrated by IS label.