Suranga Muthukuda, who made absurd allegations against senior journalist Chamuditha Samarawickrama, is arrested


A few months ago Chamuditha telecasted  a program through his YouTube channel regarding a property in Kuliapitiya as a Public Interest Litigation.

The problems faced by the stakeholders and local residents due to the disputes  related to the ownership of the building were publicized through the program.

After this program was published, Suranga Mutukuda held a press conference and made absurd accusations against journalist Chamuditha. He also filed a case against Chamudita by his own  expense and given massive publicity on it.

Truth is like a rubber ball that is held under water by effort. Emergence at any moment is its nature

Yesterday it was reported that Suranga Mutukuda was  arrested by special police team at the Wennanpuwa police area.

National Alert made an inquiry to Eric Perera, Assistant Superintendent of Police  of the area, and Eric Perera confirmed  that the arrest is true.

An incident of deliberately giving false information to mislead the police has led to this arrest.