Jalani fraudulently took a house in Colombo 7 and set up a beauty salon and employed 19 government employees to work there


It was reported to the Parliament yesterday that during the tenure of Sajith Premadasa as Housing Minister, 19 employees of the State Engineering Corporation were employed in Jalani Premadasa’s beauty salon.

As proof of the fraud, the audit report of the engineering corporation and the copies of the testimony given by the employees have been presented to the Parliament.

It is worth noting those who were  employed in the Jalani’s Beauty saloon are a group of  people  who recruited to State engineering  Corporation by Minister Sajith then.

There is an even more dangerous part of this incident which is that this house was fraudulently acquired by Jalani. (The house that taken on rent subsequently turned in to  forcible acquisition)

All above, Jalani engages these type of  rackets with her boyfriend Laxman Fonseka. As of now, a case has been filed against Jalani and Laxman Fonseka, by the absolutes owners of the property

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