Dilith, Rasmin and Raziq – People who spoiled the country for personnel benefit


In the early 1980s, before the introduction of the open economic system in Sri Lanka, there were no serious divisions between Muslims and Sinhalese  in the society.
At that time, there was a situation where harmony and inter-relationships were growing in the society .. Names similar to Sinhala names like Akmal, Ajmal, Amal were popular among Muslims.

With the advent of the open economy, the Middle East job market was opened to Sri Lanka.
During this time, the ”Shariya  system”  came into Srilankan  society. .Organizations such as  Tawheed Jamaat and Tabalikm Jamaat were the first in this move.

Spreading extremism has become a money-making racket in Sri Lanka. Spreading extremism became the political trick.

In 2015, when Mohammed bin Salman became the defense minister of Saudi Arabia, the country’s society was turned upside down and Saudi Arabia shifted to a liberal system.

Mutewwa Otherwise, the religious police dissolved.. Abolished the compulsoriness on  burqa law. Removed restrictions imposed on women to obtain driving licenses. Opened the job market to women. By imposing  liberalism Mohammed bin Salman developed the country.

But unfortunately, Sri Lanka eventually became sick with racist germs. People like Abdul Raziq and Rasmeen in these photos popularized the Burqa, Jamaat cult  and Sharia law in this country. Often by forcedly those were  introduced to local Muslims

Extremist Sinhala Buddhist organizations also emerged to respond to such Muslim organizations. People like Dilith Jayaweera fueled the Sinhalese extremism.

By 2019, it reached its peak.  The Easter attack  taken place and   Sinhala and Muslim communities were decisively departed . The Easter attack had a decisive impact on the country’s economy. It was a one major cause for country’s bankruptcy

But Abdul Raziq , Rasmeen, Dilith Jayaweera did not go bankrupt. They are better than before.

Recently, Rasmin, who is Tawheed Jamaat theoretician, created an organization called “We are one”. Dilith Jayaweera also joined it. Indeed, they are one cult .