Deshbandhu is a geopolitical time bomb that can explode at any moment


It was as early as 2016 that National Alert pointed out that Gota’s political arrival would have a devastating effect on the country and the Rajapaksha family.

Moreover, National Alert  pointed out that the matter of Gota’s American citizenship was a “nose rope” to enemy  forces (read the article below).

This story was recalled as a preface to write a word about Deshbandu, who recently became the IGP.

It was Deshbandhu who jailed this writer under the Prevention of Terrorism Act by  producing  a false picture to President  Gotabhaya.

The reason for that was the historic revelation made by this writer that ” Deshbandu’s hit squad planned to kill the  underworld leader Kosgoda Tharaka on y today night ”

In June first week of  this year, there was a meeting between this writer and  Deshbandu  at  his residence . There by Deshabandu said that he would like to sponsor this writer to start the best YouTube channel in Sri Lanka.

Moreover, he also said that the first interview on that YouTube channel can be done with former President Gotabaya. He promised to take the necessary measures on it.

But this writer did not  accept  his request due to 2 reasons  such as

1. A case filed by the writer against Deshbandhu is hearing in the Supreme Court. Sr Lawyer Upul Kumarapperumaya is the one who filled that case. The writer did not want to make a conflict  of interest

2. Acceptance of Deshabandu’s proposal did not match the pride of the writer who has the bloodline of Monarawila Kappetipola. I stated that to Deshabandu’s face.

I told this story to point out  that Deshbandu is  the one who did the biggest campaign to succeed  IGP  post ever in the history.


Deshbandu was appointed as IGP by the Rajapaksa family. Rajapaksa appointed Deshbandu to that position not for the security of the country but for the security of the Rajapaksa family.

Deshbandu is a geopolitical time bomb that can explode at any moment