Maldivian FM is a catastrophe , Not only to Maldives but entire region


The National Alert revealed about a child sex abuse committed by the foreign minister of Maldives while he was in Sri Lanka. After that article, the editor-in-chief of this website received various threats from several Maldivian phone numbers.

The author of this website was once jailed for 6 months under PTA for writing the bitter truth, but our voice could not be suppressed. Facts being so we do not withdraw anything what we write, being fear on anonymous phone calls that receive from Maldives. When someone  threaten us what we do is nothing but  raise our voice.

On 7 th June 2021,Maldivian current FM Abdulla Shahid was elected to position of President of the UN General Assembly. At present, the UN has started investigations into the corruption committed by Abdulla Shahid.

1. Abdullah Shahid has been involved in various corruptions and abuses while working with Russian NGOs.There are allegations that he involved a racket of supplying Russian prostitutes to Maldives hotels

2. Abdulah Shahid has received bribes from Russian businessmen in order  to influence President of the General Assembly (PGA), said money has been transferred to Serbian accounts  .Transfer has taken place in the Belgrade.

3. An investigation on Ambassador Nagaraj Kakanur , Ambassador Thilmeeza Hussain and Abdulla Shahid on malpractice of UN funds now progressing . ( Fictitious expenses scam)

4. Abdulla Shahid is a culprit who started his professional career as a foreign service officer by  producing fake certificates.

5. In 1992, Rio de Janeiro “ Earth Summit “ he was caught up with, Brazilian Prostitute subsequently revealed his valuable including bank card  is  lost.

6. When Shahid  was appointed as Chief of Staff to Maldivian President in 2005, he took bribes from Tourists resorts, it was well known among hotel developers that Shahid not approved any projects without bribes

7. Abdulla Shahid is protecting Russian Yachts from US & EU authorities, in return he is getting money from  Moscow.

8. Abdulla Shahid providing safe heaven for Russian war criminals, who are sanctioned by US State Department, ( As of now 82 Russians has been  served Maldivian  Residency / Passport by Abdulla Shahid,

9  Abdulla Shahid’s  ambition  to become a next President of Maldives, by liaising with Russian criminals, This is very dangerous game not only to the Maldives but entire region.