True Independence is not represented by Galle face terrorists, Arun Siddharthan or the LTTE diaspora.


World War II took a heavy toll on the British military and economy. They no longer had the ability to wage war. Accordingly, Britain decided to leave its colonies.

Last Feb 4 marked the 75th anniversary of the British leaving Sri Lanka. The people of Sri Lanka celebrated that day in different ways. The table below shows a note about it.

There is nothing wrong with the government holding an official independence ceremony. It is held in any country.During 2022 rebellion time, as foreign media reported that Sri Lanka is close to Somalia, it requires  to show the world that Country has now free from the Galle face terrorism and the state independence celebration helps it.

Arun Siddharthan, a puppet of the Sinhalese diaspora, held a Independence  celebration in the North by hoisting lion flags. Arun Siddhartha’s role can be explained by an example.

A cricket match held in SSC ground . Dasun Shanaka is in a beautiful batting. After a while, a score of 100 recorded in front of the Dasun Shanaka on the scoreboard.

Meanwhile, there was a ground boy named Arun at the SSC ground. He too mentioned  his  name on the scoreboard and mentioned score of 100 in his name . Arun’s century does not possess   ”Functional legitimacy”

Arun Siddharthan is a puppet of the Sinhalese diaspora, not someone who possess ffunctional legitimacy .

In the north, a Tamil community of about 4500 protested by raising black flags. This group goes to any protest held in the north. Their aim was to demand autonomous powers. The group that participated in this are  puppets of LTTE diaspora.

This time there was a group of people who raised black flags and organized protests in Colombo. They had no vision except protesting the  government. Former Galle face terrorists played a key role here.

The population of Northern Province is 10 lakhs. But 5000 people came to the black flag protest. Arun Siddhartha’s group is 200. They all came for money. That is, the 995,000 people in the north are not the Arun who raised lion flags or the Tiger diaspora who raised black flags.

The situation in the south is similar. The official independence ceremony of the government is one that is forced on the people. The black flag protest held by the Galle face terrorists in Colombo is a political racket.

The opposition leader in this country boycotted the state independence celebration like a thief. It further fueled extremist protests

It is clear that a real people’s force addressing the people of the North and the South has not yet been formed.