RAW Chief met me,North Korea deal is a lie written by the island – Basil


Basil Rajapaksa participated in Hiru ‘Salakuna’ political conversation yesterday. During the conversation, Chamudita raised questions about the dollar crisis, the ‘Undial’ system and the purchase of weapons from North Korea.

Earlier in a discussion with Shyam Nuwan Ganewatta of the Island newspaper, Basil spoke approvingly on ‘Undiel’ system. He also said that during the civil war he bought special ammunition from North Korea.

The article related to that conversation can be read in the following extension.But  The link was taken down at 7.29 this morning, after posting this article at FB , but we  have the screenshot. Basil said that the particular news was a lie reported by the island newspaper .

Basil said that there are a large number of people who believe in the Bone Again religion in the world, and those who still do not have a country, and that there is a conspiracy to make Sri Lanka the first country of Bone Again.

Basil admitted that he had met India’s intelligence chief last month