Modern Churchill’s American tour and the encounter between David and Goliath battle 


By Azgar Nuhman – Freelance journalist and a Sufi author

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill emerged from America on
December 22, 1941, surprising the world two weeks before Japan
launched a massive air attack on Pearl Harbor. At that time, crossing
the Atlantic ocean from Britain to America was a heroic act. The
British Prime Minister risking his life to come to America very
secretly took special importance.

Churchill came to America secretly in December 1941

At the risk of attack by German U-boat submarines, Winston Churchill
came to America on the British ship “HMS Duke of York” and met with US
President Roosevelt at the White House. After the Pearl harbor attack,
the leaders of the two countries discussed at length the strategy of
fighting the fascist camp led by Germany as a united front. They also
held a joint press conference. Prime Minister Churchill attended the
unveiling of the National Christmas Tree with President Roosevelt and
attended the Christmas day services at the Foundry Methodist Church.
The Washington Post, which reported on his visit to America, said that
Prime Minister Churchill, who was a charismatic leader, was blessed by
the people’s cheers in less than a week he spent in the US.

Addresses the US Congress and builds an alliance against Hitler

Winston Churchill celebrated Christmas at the White House, addressed a
joint session of the US Congress the next day, December 26. Addressing
the US senate and the House of Representatives for thirty minutes,
Churchill emphasized the need to unite America and Britain to defeat
the fascist camp led by Germany. His speech was broadcast live by
three American national radio stations and broadcast to the world by
two other stations on shortwave. Winston Churchill’s trip in December
1941 is still known as the most influential diplomatic visit made by a
world leader to the US.

Hitler’s fascist agents in America

Apart from Germany and Italy, Hitler’s Nazi ideology received great
support in the US. The US Nazi party came to prominence as the
political organization America First Committee. Most of the active
leaders of this political organization were Republican senators and
members of the house of representatives. They held meetings across the
US and said that US should not participate in the war against Hitler
but should accept Hitler’s rule and strengthening political and
economic ties with him. At the end of World War II, it was revealed
that more than thirty US senators and members of the House of
Representatives were working in the US as agents who received money
from Hitler’s regime. Over 30,000 files from Hitler’s foreign ministry
were discovered after Germany’s defeat in world war two. A team led by
the US Department of Justice’s State Attorney (Prosecutor) O. John
Rogge went to Berlin to examine these files. He questioned Hitler’s
allies, Hermann Göring, and foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop at
length about US relations. Based on these investigations, O. John
Rogge later published a book called “The Official German Report”.
Addressing a joint session of the US Congress on that day, Churchill
also faced a huge challenge in winning over Hitler’s pro-Nazi agents
(readers who want to know more about America’s fascist Nazi past can
read Bradley W. Hart’s 2018 research book “Hitler’s American Friends:
The Third Reich’s Supporters in the United States”)

Modern Churchill’s American Tour…

Eight decades after Churchill’s December 1941 visit to the US, another
leader of a country in the midst of such a fascist threat recently
arrived in the US. He is Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky
confronting Russian fascist leader Putin, who is a modern-day Hitler.
Many foreign defense commentators liken him to Churchill. In their
assessment, President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people have faced the
very difficult situation that Churchill faced then. He arrived in the
US on December 21 after a very risky journey and discussed with
American President Joe Biden at the White House and the two leaders
held a joint press conference.

Your money is not for charity

That night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the joint
US Congress. There he paid tribute to the American citizens who have
helped Ukraine in the past ten months. “Your money is not for charity.
It is an investment in global security and democracy, and we handle it
more responsibly,” he stressed.

President Zelensky vowed that Ukraine would never surrender to Russia

Referring to Iran’s continuous attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure in
cooperation with Russia, President Zelensky said, “Russia has found an
ally, Iran, to pursue its genocidal policy against Ukraine. One
terrorist has found another terrorist. “If we don’t stop them now,
it’s only a matter of time before they attack our other friendly
countries.” President Zelensky vowed that Ukraine would never
surrender to Russia and reiterated the war against Russia would be
won. His determined speech received the highest response from the
members of the US Congress.

The challenge of winning over Putin’s agents in America

But President Zelensky faced the same challenge that Churchill faced
in the US eight decades ago. That is the threat from the American
supporters of the fascist leader Putin.
Hitler only had paid spies in America but today, Putin has a ex
president who came to power with his help. It was Donald Trump who
came to power in 2016. With his arrival, the activity of Nazi fascists
in the US increased and white racists engaged in their political
activities in public. Its culmination is the armed attack launched on
January 6, 2021 to reject the election results and forcibly remain in
power after Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election. This
attack was carried out by white racist Nazi fascist groups under the
knowledge and guidance of Trump. Although Trump lost the presidential
election, his power in the Republican party is still established. A
significant number of his white supremacists are represented in the US
Congress. Putin is a hero to Trump as well as to them. Many of them
visit Russia at the invitation of Putin and Booze, merry and cheer
with him.

Putin’s supporters threaten to stop aid to Ukraine.

On May 10th 2022, 57 Republican representatives of Trump’s and Putin
supporters voted against the resolution (H.R. 7691) presented to the
House of Representatives for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
Eleven Republican Putin supporters voted against the proposal when it
was presented to the Senate. Trump and Putin’s supporters are already
threatening to stop supporting Ukraine when they come to power in the
future. In his speech, President Zelensky tried to resort the support
of Putin’s supporters in America.

Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine to deter Russian attacks

A few hours before the start of this trip, American President Joe
Biden Awarded $1.8 billion in new military aid to Ukraine. During his
visit, at the request of President Zelensky, the United States decided
to provide its high-tech Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine.
President Zelensky, who stayed in America for less than twenty-four
hours, left home with the necessary resources to strengthen the war
front against Russia.

When Russia invaded Ukraine last February 24, the fascist, nationalist
and racist forces around the world, including Rajapaksa clang, cheered
on the Russian leader, Putin, who was a modern-day Hitler. Ukrainian
President Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian, was insulted as a “Joker”.
The plan of Russian military leaders including Putin was to subjugate
Ukraine within a month, kill President Zelensky or kidnap him alive to

When this information was received by the American secret services.
They came up with a plan to get President Zelensky out of Ukraine
immediately. But President Zelensky refused to flee the country in the
face of Russian invasion. He entered a confrontation against the
Russian occupation wearing the uniform of the Ukrainian army.
Following ten months of the Russian invasion, Putin, who has been
glorified by fascist, nationalists and racist forces around the world
as a “brilliant war” leader, has not been able to take over Ukraine.

Putin’s plan to kill Ukrainian citizens by exposing them to extreme cold

President Zelensky’s leadership, as well as the brave determination
and courage of the Ukrainian people, have repelled the frenzied
Russian attacks and in some places succeeded in driving the enemy out
of Ukrainian territory. Modern Hitler’s strategy is to destroy
Ukraine’s infrastructure including electricity, water, heat and kill
Ukrainian citizens in winter by exposing them to extreme cold. Due to
the Russian missile attacks, most of Ukraine has lost electricity and
water. Ukraine’s hospital system has been exposed to grave danger due
to lack of electricity and water. Depriving the civilian population of
basic needs such as electricity and water and killing those civilians
by exposing them to extreme cold is a violation of international human
rights law, Amnesty International emphasizes  the statement issued
under the name “Ukraine: Devastating power cuts undermining civilian
life as Christmas approaches”.

The announcement can be accessed here

All of Ukraine is a front of determination

But the Ukrainian people did not retreat from the attacks of the
modern Hitler targeting the Ukrainian civilian population. Even old
women in their 80’s are publicly saying that they are supporting the
fight as citizens to drive the Russian occupation forces out of
Ukraine despite the extreme cold. Their determination is so strong and
the entire Ukrainian people have come together today under the
leadership of President Zelensky against the Russian aggressor. Even
Ukrainians who did not vote for him in the 2019 presidential election
appreciate his leadership today. The Ukrainian people hold President
Zelensky in high esteem for his strong retaliation against the Russian
military and his ability to mobilize Western support at the same time.
They believe that President Zelensky was able to stabilize the country
because he did not flee Kyiv. It is their common opinion that he has
done remarkable and effective work during the last ten months.

Zelensky Man of the Year

Ukraine fought back against the Russian aggression based on the
courage of the Ukrainian army and the resilience of the Ukrainian
people. That action made President Zelensky a wartime leader. His role
was praised and appreciated not only in Ukraine but also in the
democratic world.The world-famous Time magazine and the Financial
Times newspaper have chosen Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as
the man of the year. In particular, Times magazine praised the
Ukrainian people with President Zelensky (in 2007 the same Times
magazine chose Russian President Putin as the man of the Year, so
these choices are not “Western manipulations”!).

Thousands of Ukrainian civilians killed by Russian invaders…

According to the latest report released by the United Nations Human
Rights Secretariat on January 3, 2023, 6919 Ukrainians have been
killed and 11075 injured due to the Russian invasion. 188 Ukrainians
were killed and 613 injured in December alone due to Russian missile
attacks. The report can be accessed here

In addition to this, thousands of rapes, massacres and kidnappings
were committed by Russian forces. According to the latest reports of
the United Nations Refugee Agency, 13 million Ukrainian citizens are
currently displaced.

A fight for democracy, human freedom and dignity

Although the modern Hitler has been able to kill thousands of
Ukrainian citizens and destroy homes, hospitals, schools,
kindergartens and nursing homes over the past ten months, he has not
succeeded in defeating the Ukrainian people. Russia launched a massive
missile attack without allowing the Ukrainian people to celebrate
Christmas and New Year. But even now, the Ukrainian people and
President Zelensky are successfully confronting against the invading
Russian army. The Ukrainian people are bearing all these pressures and
are united to expel the Russian aggressor from their land. This is a
battle against an imminent invasion by a nuclear-powered world power.
It is a fight for democracy, human freedom, dignity and the
territorial integrity of Ukraine. It is a biblical battle between
David and Goliath

Azgar Nuhman – Freelance journalist and a Sufi author