How Sri Lanka becomes a hunting ground on Indian elections


After the election defeat in 2015, Mahinda Rajapaksa gave a interview to the Hindu newspaper where he said that he was defeated by the Indian RAW with the counterparts of CIA and MI6. Mahinda also stated that his removal from the presidency was a long-term plan. After Mahinda, the same destiny befell on Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

Gotabha’s fate was a carbon copy of one Nepalese state leader Sharma Oli. The 38th Prime Minister of Nepal was K. P. Sharma Oli. Sharma served for one year (2015-2016) as his first term. By 2016, Sharma Oli had a conflict with the India.As a result India closed all the borders to Nepal. Nepal gets fuel and many essentials through India. With the closure of the Indian borders, Nepal faced an acute oil crisis. Nepalese people and politicians pressured Sharma Oli to resign. Sharma Oli resigned as there is no choice to manage situation.

There are 2 types of external conspiracies against Sri Lanka.

1. Conspiracies launched by India, Singapore and Western nations due to geopolitical factors including the Chinese windfall.

2. Indians use Sri Lanka as a hunting ground for their election.

This article talks about second factor. The general elections in India is scheduled to be held in May next year. it is worth noting that Several state elections are scheduled to be held before the general election. It is as follows.

Mizoram- 17th December 2023
Chhatigarh – Jan 03, 2024
Madhya Pradesh – Jan 06, 2024
Rajasthan- Jan 14, 2024
Telangana- 16 Jan 2024

India has been using Sri Lanka as a hunting ground for its elections for many years. Nowadays this happens in two ways.

1. False flag ops – Fake attacks under the guise of terrorist label

2. Political conspiracies

A few days ago, this The National alert published an article regarding the False flag ops that planned to launch in near future. So today we are discussing about 3 major political conspiracies that India is going to launch in Sri lanka in the near future.

1. Dividing major political parties
India has divided all major political parties in Sri Lanka through various conspiracies. In 2015, the SLFP was blown up by using Sirisena. In 2019, UNP was blown up by using Basil. In 2022 SLPP was blasted coverings to the Galleface struggle.Muslim Congress was blasted by using Rauf Hakeem. Further, Inflamed the Christian-Hindu divide and blew up the TNA.

SLPP was further sabotaged by dividing Basil, Namal and Gota. SJB was divided by using Ranil. Religious organizations have also been blown up in this way. Rizvi Mukti used to blow up the Ulema Council. Buddhist power house was sabotaged by using Galleface struggle.

India’s agenda was not confined to party fragmentation. They also created Indian puppet parties. Using the Shafter family, India created the Tamil Progressive Alliance with a voter base of 10 lakhs. The new political map created by India is used to manipulate elections in both countries.

2. Acquisition of Kachchativ Island to India
Narendra Modi has planned to take over Kachchathivu Island back to India as part of his upcoming election campaign.

3. Acquisition of Trincomalee Port as a retaliation to Chinese Hambantota Port
India plans to take over Trincomalee port and adjoining hundred thousand acre land