Dilith’s entering politics is a sarcasm and catastrophe


Dilith Jayaweera has stepped down from the boards of several companies to enter active politics.

Currently, Dilith Jayaweera is the leader of Mawbima Janata Party.

Under the direction of Dilith Jayaweera, a program called ‘Aramuna’ is being implemented to bring together entrepreneurs. Dilith has planned to use the business community as the core of his politics

However, Dilith Jayaweera has endorsed dog mark as a person who exploited from antigen kits and hotel quarantine during the Corona pandemic .

Dilit Jayaweera is the one who planned the Hotel quarantine that exploited hundreds of thousands of foreign workers by closing the airport during the Corona pandemic

Through the hotel quarantine, Dilith was exploited nothing but foreign worker’s savings that saved as capital up to start a business.

Such a person conducting business workshops and entering politics is a sarcasm and catastrophe