Daily Mirror news that ”Gota is coming back to politics” is a cheap political ploy and fake news planted by Dilith!


Now, It is an open secret that Dilith Jayaweera is preparing for next presidential election. However, it has not yet confirmed whether Dilith will run it directly or put forward his proxy

Nevertheless, Dilith is currently conducting his politics in 3 fronts

1. Starting grassroots political campaigns :Several political programs like “Aramuna” has been launched to uplift Dilith’s image

2. Launching fake political campaigns like ‘Kalani Naya’:It has been revealed that the news published by Daily Mirror last week that ‘Gotabhaya is ready to enter politics again’ is a fake news that created by Dilith. Daily Mirror had also reported that Gotabhaya expressed his support for the Motherland People’s Front that formed by Dilith .

3. Hijacking parliamentarians and senior politicians :Dilith is the one who behind latest political move of MP Uddika Premaratne. it is worth noting, secret behind Uddika’s succession is Wimal weerawansa .

Dilith Jayaweera’s sponsorship for Wimal’s Uttara Sabha and Dallas’s party, also very significant. Accordingly, Uddika’s political move is not an isolated incident, but a foreshadowing of a political coup led by Dilith.