CID investigations begin against Shavendra!


This week Several Sunday newspapers has published a news article under the heading of,’CID investigation begins on a top security chief’.

The National Alert made an inquiry about this and learned that particular security chief is none other but Shavendra Silva.The charges against Shavendra are related to the 2022 Gallaface riots and Gross negligence by him. It was also learned that an investigation is going on regarding his personal asserts and earnings too.

Time back A court of inquiry was appointed by the former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to find out the army commander’s application on Galleface rebellion, and said report has been handed over to the relevant authority.

Former Navy Commander Wasantha Karnagoda was the chairman of the court of inquiry.Roshan Gunathilake, a former Air Force Commander, and Daya Ratnayake, a former Army Commander, were members of the Court of Inquiry.

The court of inquiry has uncovered a number of serious allegations including not giving clear orders to the army and not maintaining coordination with the police. Nevertheless based on said report, charges cannot be filed against Shavendra in the court.

However, the Karnnagoda report has now been sent to the Attorney General’s Department and the Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the matter as per the instructions of the Attorney General’s Department.

The Criminal Investigation Department is subjects to report facts against Shavendra to the court in the future.