Another False flag ops is imminent, Aim is 2024 election


2024 is an election year in India as well as Sri Lanka. Earlier, 2019 was an election year in both the countries.

2019 was an important  election year to BJP .Narendra Modi used various tactics to gain power. The situation before  Easter attack otherwise  general election 2019  as follows.

The Indian Army occasionally clashed with the Pakistani Army. Narendra Modi used Muslim bogeyman to create fear among Hindu people.

Narendra Modi adopted  the Kashmir crisis like a beggar’s wound throughout his tenure.

Narendra Modi turned the India’s electoral map upside down by  false flag operations.

Pulwama attack – February 14, 2019

40 Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed in a suicide attack on an Indian police convoy in Kashmir. There is evidence that Indian intelligence agencies is behind the attack although seemingly Kashmiri terrorists attend it

Easter attack – April 21, 2019 

Elections in India do not end in one day like in Sri Lanka, they are held continuously for a month. The election started on April 11, 2019 and ended on May 19. Polling in Catholic-majority states and states unfavorable to Modi took place after the Easter attacks. There is evidence to say that the mastermind behind the Easter attack was Indian Intelligence.Although it was not visible how the Narendra Modi set  Easter attack gun, whole world saw how he was carrying the hunt.

The Indian embassy did not send any letter warning about the Easter attack. But the Indian Embassy in Colombo made a campaign that the Indian Embassy had issued an official warning regarding the Easter attack.

Narendra Modi’s power frenzy did not end with the Easter attack. He has launched a number of other operations targeting the 2024 elections. Its summary is as follows.

1. Transferring  of Ayodhya mosque to Hindus through court decision

2. Execution of amendments in  Muslim Marriage Law.

3. Separation of Ladakh from Kashmir.

4. Mahatma Gandhi is the one who given special powers to the state of Kashmir. Modi’s government made Nathuram Vinayak Godse who shot the Mahatma Gandhi as a national hero.

5. Introducing a controversial bill called “Citizenship Act” to suppress minorities.

6. Making a movie called ‘The Kerala story’ insulting the Islam to provoke Muslims.

7. Conspired to create Hindu vs Muslim conflict in Haryana state.

8. Conspired  to create conflicts between Hindu vs minority in the state of Manipur

9. The governors of the north and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka are pro-Indians. India conspiring to create conflicts among the peoples of those provinces.

Ever since BJP came to power, it has launched various kinds of conspiracies and created conflicts between communities. That situation has become a threat not only to India but also to the region.

As things stand, another false flag attack will be launched targeting the 2024 election. A passenger plane or a train could be the target of this attack. The attack is carried out by an Islamic terrorists that hires by the  external intelligence services of the Indians.