About JVP  02 -Utter lies that come with icing


JVP is not a political party  but  some kind  of terror movement  whose philosophy is deception. Because of this JVP does not have real political  power. The ability to popularize utter lies is the only power that JVP possess  then and now. They do this it in two ways.

1. Creation of boogeyman
2. Cruel criticism

Rohana Wijeweera described the Beruwala Hotel, which was being built at that time, as an American Army base. The Wellawaya  road  which was being built with several lanes, was described  as a  runway that used to land American planes. Wijeweeera  was also strongly opposed to garment factories. He categorized, sewing underwear for western countries  is an obscene act.

The current leader of JVP, Anura Kumara, is a  culprit not second to Wijeweera. Anura Kumara said that there is not enough metal in Sri Lanka to build the port city . He said that because of the highways, dog in one house not able to move  another and  it turns the animals world upside down. He said Uma oya project, split the earth and activates volcanoes.

With social media becoming a major force in manipulating public consciousness, JVP’s tactics have been renewed.

VP has started exaggerating and praising  their own activities. They often organize paid campaigns on social media for same, buying followers from  Chinese  like farms is another strategy .

Promoting party through hired writers is JVP’s another strategy. JVP has planted paid writers in many media institutions  .

The series of articles written in the name of Mr. Shanta Jayaratne in Lanka E-News is one of such . He highlights that JVP has done a revolution in the cooperative societies where the JVP has power.

When reading the article of Shantha Janaratne, those have  brains not feel any achievement of  JVP but reminisce the tragedy describes with the pro verb that  ” At the land of no trees even weeds become trees”  . Some of his recent articles as follows

1.Sri Lanka’s first tea cooperative owned by JVP launches smart tea project , 1500 kilos of tea leaves per acre. -(Lanka E News -2023.Dec.09)

2. A rice mill run by a doctor..! Ready provide rice to the entire province of north-west-  (Lanka e News-2023.Nov.29)

3. A cooperative bank that distributes 70% of the profit to its members – Lanka E News -2023.Dec.05)

4. The new directors of Madirigiriya Co-operative, Spraying  pesticides  with drones  (Lanka E News -2023.Dec.01)

Short and sweet JVP paid writer  trying to say nothing but that JVP can manage  the country as they manage cooperative society .

Further He claims JVP’s revolution in cooperative sector depicts  their political success.

The cooperative movement in Sri Lanka started in 1904. JVP started in 1965.

Currently, there are 305 various service cooperative societies, 368 Co-op City, 28 Mega Co-op City, 1,679 Co-operative Regional and 3,108 Co-operative outlets in Sri Lanka.

But the cooperative institutions that control by  JVP confined 10 to 15 only.  This explains not any achievement but the JVP’s failure in 50 years of politics.

And during the regime of Sirimavo, which is considered as the golden era  of cooperative sector, there were nearly 10,000 cooperative institutions  in the country. In other words, one cooperative outlet  existed in every village.

It is worth noting that . During 88-89, JVP destroyed thousands of cooperative shops for nothing  (burned or looted).

In India and Bangladesh Cooperative sector is massive powerhouse. Amul is a cooperative society that has conquered the world in terms of milk production.

But the co-operative movement in Sri Lanka is in a very sad stage. Scammers have stolen billions of co-operative property by creating fake documents. The cooperative has became business name of less privilege community. JVP is not the savior of cooperative sector but they  too responsible for the disaster.

That is why it says JVP is not a political party  but  some kind  of terror movement  whose philosophy is deception.