A Must Read – Sri Lanka is on a Geopolitical Time Bomb  (About JVP-03)


JVP supporters claims that they are moving towards victory day by day. Furter  they says even the international community has been surprised on their  success. They described same as the reason, foreign ambassadors to visit Pelawatta JVP hq .

Although the people of Sri Lanka are like  ”Frog in the well”  , the international community is not. They know the  ground reality.

To associates closely with JVP what foreign country firstly considering  is not the JVP’s popularity  in the country, but how far JVP agrees with their geopolitical agenda.

This can be illustrated with a current example. As of now , all the powerful nations of the world are involved in the war in Ukraine. As per reports Hundreds of military officers (retired) of  Sri Lanka  have joined the Ukrainian war.

Sri Lankan troops have joined  with the US-led team and not with the Russian Red Front.

Currently, one ex Srilanakan military officer who was involved in the Ukraine war has died and 6 others are missing. it is worth noting,  military officers of this country fighting  against Russia is a very sensitive  matter , even though the political parties of this country are silent.

Yesterday, a group of Russian top level diplomats came to Sri Lanka to assess  the situation . Nikolai Patrushev, the chief adviser of President Putin’s security affairs, also included the  group. .

The points highlighted by the Russian delegation are as follows

1. During the civil war in this country, Russia has continuously provided military aid to the Sri Lankan army

2. When war crimes charges were brought against Sri Lanka in the UN Human Rights Council, Russia unconditionally stood up for Sri Lanka.

3. American team is the one who raise charge sheet to Sri Lanka on war crimes.  Facts being so the SL military officers  have forgotten their true friend and joined the enemy. It is a treacherous act done by Sri Lankans towards Russia.

4. A LTTE member in Europe has recruited those Sinhala army personnel to join Ukrainian war and  It is a  clear conspiracy to divide Sri Lanka and Russia

5. Srilanakan media exalted the military officer who died in Ukraine to heroism. It was a typical slap on Russia

6. Sri Lanka-Russia relations are currently in crisis.

7. Although Sri Lanka was unthankful to Russia , India was not so. Even after the war started  in Ukraine , Indian forces conducted military exercises with Russian forces.

8. The Indian  security forces did everything possible to prevent Indians to joining the anti Russian forces .  Indian Left parties also actively contributed to it.

9. But the JVP, which represents the Sri Lankan Red fort , stayed as mute spectator.

Anura Kumara who appear as guardian of the leftist parties not only  betrayed Russia also carried out visit to  America

As a policy, the US does not grant visas to radical left-wing leaders. But Anura Kumara got visa.

The JVP who acts as the left-wing symbol of the country and the  officials who do not know the essentials of the national security should held accountable for this crisis.

American ambassador Julie Chang is coming to Pelawatthe Hq not because she is impressed by JVP’s policies but because of the betrayal of policies. Although the true picture  of JVP  is  secret to ordinary people of this country, the international community is Chrystal clear on it .