How, the JVP and consensuses stupidly of the people shattered the dreams of our generation. ( About JVP 4 )


Today, a child in this country completes school education at the age of 20. Further school does not provide professional knowledge or credential.

School education certificate in Sri Lanka is not sufficient at least  to find a laborer job in the foreign labor market. In other words, education in Sri Lanka has not adjusted in accordance with the  global and economic trends.

The situation in foreign countries is not so. Its children complete their schooling with a degree. Further It is not a useless degree such as arts or commerce in Sri Lanka.

The education system of developed countries gives meaning to the saying, “Every person in this world becomes very smart  at some subject”

That is, their school is an institution notching but  that gives professional knowledge and degree in any field that suits with them.

As such they can enter the labor market by the age of 18 after completing  school  with a basic degree.

Facts being so, As of now the value of a practical education system has been felt by the citizen of Sri Lanka.

Schools in this country should be turned into institutions that provide knowledge and basic  degrees in fields such as IT, automobiles, carpentry, masonry, clothing design, food and beverage , tourism etc.

If i say, 43 years ago Government of this country was prepared  to establish such  education system in Srilanka , you will not believe it. But it is true.

Said proposal was presented to the Parliament as the 1981 Education Reform Bill. But JVP opposed it and showed crocodiles in the tea cup.

The JVP incited school students, university students, parents and clergy against  Education Reform Bill   Due to the so-called public  protests  , the education reform proposal did not move forward .

But today everyone understands the importance of changing the education system. Nevertheless taking 43 years  to understand the importance of the  Education Reform Bill  that was rejected then and requesting action on same is not only an  irony of fate but also severe tragedy

After 43 years, emerging a public demand on Ranil’s Education Reform Act,  which was rejected  by the JVP then, shows the true nature of politics in this country.

However, the narrow politics and the  consensuses stupidly of the people shattered the  dreams of our generation. Today, JVP is silent about the said  national crime that they committed.