Dialogue with grassroot on JVP’s journey (01) – The doubishness of the Red leader


1960-80 was the golden era of left-wing politics. The leftist movement flourished in many powerful  countries including China, Soviet Union, and Czechoslovakia. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, who was the first Prime Minister of the world, was with the leftist movement. She was clearly anti-American.

Sirimavo brought the Special Act No. 28 of 1961 and kicked out multinational companies such as Shell, Mobil, Caltex, Exxon, and Standard Oil from Sri Lanka. She also took over 83 gas stations belonging to American companies to the government without compensation. She took support from the socialist camp and created large factories in the country.

Due to Sirimavo’s left-wing policies, American-Sri Lankan relations were in crisis. Sirimavo’s name was among the first 25 on the CIA Most Wanted list at that time.

Indeed, there was no politician in this country who was as parallel to JVP’s policies as Sirimavo. Nor will it be born in the future. But the JVP launched an armed rebellion to overthrow Sirimavo’s government.

Rohana Wijeweera’s mission did not stop there. Rohana Wijeweera took money from JR Jayawardena’s party and wrote a tabloid  book called ” Beginning of the SLFP’s end “. He went from village to village and held conferences about it. Wijeweera conspired to  kill Sirimavo by politically .

Due to such conspiracies,Aththa newspaper (ඇත්ත,’Truth’) of that time named Rohana Wijeweera as a CIA double agent.

In the same way that doubts were raised about Rohana Wijeweera at that time, doubts have been raised about Anura Kumara this time. Main reasons to arise  such doubts on Anura at the grassroot as follows

1. Cessation of the educational program that empowered members since beginning

2. Ending the transparency in fundraising and acting arbitrarily in fund management.

3. Ending the internal  talent search system which was  enabling  fit and proper 2nd inline  and Vice versa giving positions to henchmena

4. Dealing with controversial characters such as American Ambassador, Dammika Perera, Wijedasa Rajapaksa and shattering the JVP basement

5. Giving less attention to poor full-time members and giving VIP treatments to rich smugglers