Appointment of IGP- Civilized world examines nothing but the legitimacy of the archbishop’s request


The appointment of the IGP has become a burning issue like never before in history. The reason for this situation is all three  Sr.DIGs  who are heading the seniority having  charges related to the Easter attack. A brief description about it is as follows.

Nilantha Jayawardena –

Although Nilantha passed necessary  information to the  President Sirisena about the Easter attack, he did not declare it in any court. This situation was favorable to Sirisena. Therefore, Sirisena was not only able to escape the charge of criminal homicide, he was also able to protect his political image. As such  Catholic Council and Ranil Wickramasinghe strongly disagreed  with Nilantha Jayawardene.

Deshbandu Tennakon and Patinayake –

Western Province Sr.DIG  (former) Nandana Munasinghe has given clear cut orders to Deshbandu and Patinayake regarding the security measures that needed to be taken over  Easter attack. But both of them have not obeyed those orders.As such, Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith stands with dismay on said officers.

It is worth noting that  the civilized world is examining nothing but the legitimacy of the archbishop’s request. There is nothing wrong with the archbishop’s standing point. Moreover, the country was saved without bloodshed due to archbishop. Hence,  gratitude of the entire  nation should goes to the archbishop.

The archbishop’s objection has been a strong factor in Deshbandu’s not getting the post of IGP

However, the Minister in charge of Police, Tiran Alas, made it clear that he supports  Deshbandu. Moreover, Tiran Alas  criticized the actions of the archbishop by  parliament speech .

The archbishop has not interfered in government appointments in the past or present. Nevertheless  The archbishop intervenes in the appointment of the IGP this time because it is a sensitive matter that affects them. It is their right. Ranil has a duty to respect their right

Ranil doesn’t care about Tiran Alas’ standing point. Thus Deshbandhu is a character of no five cent importance to Ranil. Because whoever IGP comes, the spoon is in Ranil’s hand only. But the  archbishop’s  position is much more  important to Ranil.

Tiran Alas can do noting  over the appointment of the IGP. . Facts being so,  Tiran Alas’s speech that he made against the archbishop would further disfavor Deshbandhu.