Wind of change is blowing – Ranil, UNP and 2024 election


The 2022 Galle face struggle is a mixed bag of black and white. Because of the struggle, Gotabhaya, who had mishandled the economy, had to resign. Although political crises can be solved through rebellion, economic crises cannot. A country that having an economic crisis, rebelling is only exacerbates the crisis. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis erupted due to the Galleface riots.

Successive President Ranil Wickramasinghe is a result of  the Galleface riots. However, a year after the struggle, Ranil has became a decisive figure in the political arena.Further  number of factors made it so.

No one had a plan for the phase after Gotabhaya’s removal. Because of this, the rebellion itself devalued the rebellion.

It is worthy to note,  People moved  to the streets not to change the system but because the lack of basic needs. But with the  arrival of Ranil, people compelled to believe that Ranil would be able to recover the country. As Ranil was a career politician people revolved such
Ranil gained his legitimacy nothing but  functionally . With Ranil’s validation, the civil activists and journalists who stood with the struggle were de-validated. Their social media reach decreased by 50 % to  70%

Ranil is a silent killer. So far, many political parties have been weakened by Ranil’s attacks. The most serious damage is done to the SLPP

With the rise of Ranil, the rise of UNP also began. Said situation manifested in the recent public meeting held by Ravi Karunanayake at North Colombo. The organizing  and the standard of the said  meeting was much more powerful  than a presidential campaign. It cannot be said that Ravi’s financial strength did not contribute to such a success, but a record number of people came to the meeting not for money but voluntarily.

Ravi’s meeting in Colombo North gave a clear signal about the shift in political wind. Indeed, the  Galleface riots   was a blessing for the UNP