The time bomb on behind the Chinese ship and the pearl umbrella held to Ven Ratana


Recently, the Chinese ship to Hambantota Port is a piece of news that warmed up the whole region. This is not a merchant ship.  Yuan Wang 5′    is a military ship belonging to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Yuan Wang 5′ is nothing but a Military ship chasing the most expensive material in the world today, it is an ‘information chaser’.

The Chinese ship reached Sri Lanka amid Indo-US disapproval.

Facts being so, the arrival of the Chinese ship at Hambantota port was the leading news in Sri Lankan media as well as international. The international media identified this incident as a geopolitical time bomb.

Sri Lankan media looked at this incident through colored glasses. Some have seen Sarath Weerasekera’s incident and  Wimal too. Some saw the pearl umbrella served to Ratana Thero. Although they see the Sarath & Wimal at the port  they didn’t hear the speeches delivered by them

More ever,  local media didn’t see the time bomb hidden behind the Chinese ship. Nevertheless, National Alert watched it. We reported that incident under the heading, ” Harsh response from China to Sri Lanka – Yuan Wang 5′ incident is not over!  “.

It is worthy to note, allowing the Chinese ship and subsequent defer took place under the knowledge of Ranil.  In the end, Ranil was the one who agreed on it amid Indo-America objections.

Currently, Sri Lanka has clashed with Russia due to the seizure of the Aeroflot plane.  Now China is also not happy with Sri Lanka.

Currently, a UNHRC proposal has been approved as 46/1 against Sri Lanka. The 51st session of the UNHRC is scheduled to be held in September. (From Sep 12 to Oct 7)

From then till now, in the UNHRC, countries  in favor of Sri Lanka  are China-Russia and their friends only

But in the future, they are likely to be silent. Under this situation, a resolution related to Sri Lanka could be passed not only in the UNHRC but also in the UN Security Council.

If such a proposal is passed, it will affect Rajapaksas adversely. But Ranil can gain benefit from it.

This makes it clear that Ranil is declaring war against SLPP by keeping the trump cards in his hand.  Further, This makes it clear that Ranil touched the Chinese ship according to an agenda.

And the Indo-China Cold War, which has been launched for supremacy in the Indian Ocean, is heating up day by day.