No revenge and conspiracies..PTA detainees including Lakshman, Fazal should be released immediately!


After the 51st UNHRC session,resistance to the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) has reached a critical point. The Human Rights Council has assessed that the PTA is inhumane and has been abused mainly in 3 areas.

1. Racial revenge,
2. Political revenge
3. Using it as a tool to intimidate and punish people

Due to this reason, the government has decided to acquit many detainees, detained under PTA  in the next 2 weeks.

However, the lack of transparency in the process of releasing suspects detained under the PTA is a problem. If the system of releasing the prisoners is true and sincere , then those who are most affected by the PTA Act should be released first.

But Former Police SP Laxman Coory , who has been held without bail for 13 years, and Mohammad Fazal, who has been held for many years without bail, are yet to be released.
Freedom in their context does not mean acquittal but release on bail.