How Dirty Asylum Journalists Turned the Sub Inspector Ruwan Kumar’s case Upside Down


At present, the trust in the executive and the parliament of Sri Lanka has been shattered. The judiciary is an institution that is very distant from the ordinary people. In such a situation, the loss of trust in the media is a tragedy.

The purpose of this article is not to write about the mainstream media ( media of the white collar culprits ) in Sri Lanka but to write something about the so-called alternative media.

There are few journalists  who fled to western countries and living there  saying that they life threat from SL Government . They engage in journalism from abroad as an easy earning  and to maintain a journalistic image. They are not responsible for what they say as they  are living in  abroad.

Most of them publicize controversial stories in social media  to increase their reach.

The end result of this is what happen is nothing but destiny of the Shepherd boy who falsely shouted “Tigers attack ” , that is, after the public trust is broken, no one accepts it, even if it actually happened.

The decisive force in a developed society is not political power but peoples power. It is worth to note, Public power is a lethal weapon that form, develop and spread through mass media.

What is the outcome to the people if such “mass media” work in a dishonest and tragic way?

Recently ( 6th of Dec ), a sub-inspector lost his life due to a incident that revolves abuse of political and bureaucratic power. There, Dirty Asylum journalists distorted the truth of this incident.

Inoka Rajapaksa( A Lady secretary  of former Minister of the law and order) and Deshbandu Tennakoon, who had nothing to do with the death, were linked to the murder by the aforesaid dirty journalists. That situation made safe passage real criminals to escape.

Another woman in the style of Thilini Priyamali, who became popular on social media recently, is responsible for this death.

Read the true story of Sub Inspector Ruwan Kumara’s death by below link