Who is the superpower went to Dubai to save the Drug lord Harakkata ?


Nadun Chinthaka, alias  ‘Harak Kata’, a large-scale drug trafficker, was arrested by the Dubai Police on August 3, 2022. But the International Police officially informed Sri Lanka on August 19.

After the arrest of Harak Kata, lawyers from Sri Lanka went to Dubai several times to save him. Said Lawyers have been requested not to hand over him to SriLanka. They have shown evidence that  Madushta, who was previously handed over to Sri Lanka, was killed.

We have all the details of the group of lawyers who appear on Harak kata. It’s a hair-raising story.

The President must personally sign off a detention order to detain a person under the PTA. If makes a change in the place of detention, the President must sign it too. That is, Gotabaya is the one who ordered to place Madhush and Taraka in CID. A year later, Gotabaya is the one who was ordered to hand over them to another police unit to search for hidden weapons.

Killing suspects without trial is not the law. Now the entire country has to pay a huge compensation for such kinds of extra judiciary killings. As this writer exposed the dark side of Gotabata he ordered this writer to arrest under PTA and tried to kill this writer. A case related to that is a hearing in the Supreme Court.

The drug network in South Asia is directly involved in Islamic terrorism. If the drug traffickers are not handed over, Sri Lanka will lose an important page about terrorism

The drug network is bigger than we think. Corrupt politicians, Corrupt lawyers, corrupt prison officers, and corrupt police officers are all its members.