We hold rule of law against crocodile tears, Delaying justice is denying justice


Lakshman Cooray is an undergraduate of Kelaniya University and holds a postgraduate degree from Ja’pura. He was the youngest ASP and SP in the police. He was a victim of several terrorist attacks.

Lakshman was arrested under the suspicion of Weliweriya bomb blast which caused the death of the former minister Jeyaraj Pranndopulle. Lakshman Cooray was arrested under the PTA within 3 months of his marriage. As of now, He has been in prison for 12 years.

Although he was arrested under PTA and imprisoned for 12 years There is no evidence against him, whatsoever. The Attorney General’s Department, CID, and TID are dragging this case using insidious tactics.

This is a very inhumane act. It is a tragedy that journalists, politicians and civil society remain silent face of such injustice. His case was heard in the Gampaha High Court on 20th of Jun 2020.

It was a crucial day for both parties. But the state’s attorney did not appear in court. AG department reported that the reason was the unavailability of fuel. The case is being prosecuted by Deputy Solicitor General Dilan Ratnayake.

Although he did not appear in Lakshman Cooray’s case, learned that he is attends other cases. Although we spoke to the Attorney General’s Department several times to inquire about this, we were unable to contact anyone.

Then we spoke to Justice Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa. He promised to look into the matter and bring justice. We are ALERT until justice is done for him

Note – Twelve years after Jeyaraj’s assassination, no one has been convicted. The real killers are freely roaming. Upon dismissal of the Minister Jeyaraj widow Sudarshani become a member of parliament. She holds a minister portfolio in every government from 2009 to 2022. Sudarshani made a political deal in order to secure their ill-gotten money. but did not do justice to the husband’s murder.

Facts being so we hold rule of law  against crocodile tears and this is reiterated Delaying justice is denying justice