Government decides to appoint Deshbandu as the next IGP


It has been decided to appoint Sr. DIG Deshbandu Tennakoon as the 36th Inspector General of Police of Sri Lanka. Civil organizations, human rights organizations and journalists have made great efforts to prevent the arrival of Deshbandu’s in the past, but all those efforts have been gone waste.

As of now, Sri Lanka’s business community, tourism industry and professionals have come to an opinion that riots that anarchy the country should not be allowed. An IGP who can quell riots has been the demand of many. The appointment of the IGP shall be made by the President on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council.

The American delegation that visited the country recently, and the Indian delegation that visited the country before that, have also pointed out a number of weaknesses in the police and security forces of the country. And Sr DIG Deshabandu  has been identified as someone who can be responsible for the security of Sri Lanka.

JVP is very quiet about Deshbandhu’s arrival. The reason is the influence of the Chinese Embassy. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals are staying illegally in Sri Lanka.

Some of them are engaged in various  smuggling. Chinese chemical drugs are going to grab the largest share of the future drug market. For this reason, the Chinese Embassy has come forward to support Deshbandu instead of clashing with him.