As we said MOD set first grave sign to Ranil – HSZ gazette revoked


SL President Ranil designed high-security zones in the commercial heart of Colombo city by a Special gazette promulgated on 23 Sep 2022. However, Ranil had to withdraw the gazette within 7 days of its release. When the gazette was released The National Alert revealed that it was a wrong decision taken by the so-called security advisers. Read the article below

Beware of Gravediggers – Here is how the so-called security Veterans who destroyed Gota, digging Ranil’s graves

Before the election, few said that  Gotabaya is a fox that fell into the paint bucket, but many did not believe it. Also said Gotabhaya is a legend of stupidity, but people did not believe it.

Meanwhile due to one incident Gota’s paint was washed away. Gotabaya imposed a curfew to control the people who were angered by the economic crisis. But people did not obey the Gota’s curfew to a penny. After that, Gota became an invalid coin. Imposing a curfew was a big mistake made by Gota.

Ranil has repeated Gota’s mistakes. By special gazette order signed by  Ranil, several areas in Colombo have been designated as high-security zones. Accordingly, the Galle face area which was the site of past struggles has become a high-security zone.

It is worth noting, People’s power is like a sleeping lion. If the power of the people awakens, it is difficult for any army to control. It is absolutely impossible for the government and the army of this country to control, especially those who have committed a number of crimes under the international human rights law and have given in numerous bogus promises to IC.

Accordingly, if people occupy the Galle face field, then Ranil’s authority will be no more.

Also, Ranil’s gazette which designated high-security zones may be challenged in court. If the Galleface area is a high-security zone, it is problematic selling part of said land  to the Chinese Shangrila hotel

Even though Ranil signed the high-security gazette, it is a recommendation that comes from the Ministry of Defence. So it can be concluded that the so-called security Veterans who destroyed Gotabhaya are now digging Ranil’s graves

Just as an economic crisis cannot be solved by insurgency, neither can it be solved by the military.