The journalists who revealed about Thilini’s father are receiving death threats


The program ‘Truth with Chamuditha’ made the most revelations about the investment company run by Thilini Priyamali in the World Trade Complex.

Recently the  ‘Truth with Chamuditha’ made another hair straightening revelation. The ‘Truth with Chamuditha’ program revealed that Thilini’s father is former JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe. They exposed this with evidence.

With that revelation, Keerthi Ratnayake has received death threats from unidentified group. Moreover, he continues to receive harassing phone calls.

So far, the “Truth with Chamuditha” YouTube channel and Facebook page have received thousands of reader responses. When analyzing them carefully, an operation targeting Chamuditha Samarawickrama and Keerthi Ratnayake can be identified.

It can be seen that the operation was launched by the JVP cadres and they emphasize several points in their campaign.

1. Saying that Chamuditha and Keerthi’s ambition is nothing but mudslinging on JVP

2. Saying that JVP is gaining huge popularity and Chamudita and Keerthi are performing a political mud contract.

3. To convey the message that since JVP is ready to take power in the country, journalist should refrain from criticizing them.

4. Pointing out all criticisms against JVP as conspiracies of opponents

JVP has been relentlessly criticizing every party in the country since the day it entered the political stream. According to JVP, everyone except them are thieves, cheats, and criminals. JVP used 3 main strategies for its politics.

1. So-called Patriotism
2. Creating imperialist bogeymen
3. Terror application

In 2005, the Rajapaksas stole the above strategies from the JVP. Then the Rajapaksa’s won the elections using that strategy. JVP practice and Rajapakse practice are like two sides of the same coin.

Journalists like Keerthi and Chamuditha were severely retaliated during the Rajapaksa regime. They were often called to the CID. Sometimes even had to go to jail.

It is a matter of regret that taking revenge from the journalists in an organized manner just after making one criticism about the JVP.