Here is the nudity of the Lotus Tower campaign !


FB posters are currently being exchanged that the Lotus Tower has received a record income of 100 million dollars. Such posters could be seen on several popular FB pages.

We looked at the truth and falsity here and the findings are as follows.

When 100 million dollars are converted into rupees, it is hit an amount of Rs 37 billion

The Lotus Tower was opened to the public on September 15. The highest revenue was received on the first day of opening. The income on the first day was only Rs 1.5 million.

After converting it to dollars it is 4215.

From September 15th to September 18th, nearly 5 million rupees have been received from the Lotus Tower. That is an amount of only 14000 dollars only.

The news of, the 100 million USD income from the Lotus Tower is absolutely bogus.