The fate of the Bandas and the Rajapaksas who built bunkers with robes and caught fish with blessing threads


Ranasinghe Premadasa was the Minister of Public Administration in the Dudley Senanayake government. Once he went to visit Ven. Denmark Gnandeepa with robes and a bag. Premadasa went to the middle of Laggala forest and talked for a long time with monk Gnandeepa. But only an indifferent response appeared from him.

Premadasa, who was about to say goodbye, asked what else was needed. Gnandeepa Thero advised Premadasa to go back to Colombo with the extra belongings he rendered. Further advised, the monk does not need anything except a robe and an alms bowl, accepting and giving anything beyond that is against Budda, He said.

The Buddhist scriptures teach that a person who cannot chase away the crow in the bowl is unfit for being a Buddhist monk. This is a very profound verse even though looks simple. A monk’s possessions are limited to a bowl and a robe. Food is only a material used to maintain the body, for that purpose he uses a bowl.

Sometimes it gets some rice, sometimes it gets some honey, and sometimes it gets some porridge. Finally, everything is kneaded together and eaten. There is no inspiration. If someone sticks to that bowl like a crow, it is a tragedy. That tanha (desire) otherwise the crow should be chased away immediately. Those who cannot chase away the crow are not fit for monkhood.

Most of the Buddhist monks today are in the category that those who are unable to chase away the crows on the bowl. They are greedy for worldly pleasures. Currently, Buddhist monks are threatening the government regarding the electricity bill. it is worth noting,There is nothing to be surprised about it.

The Rajapaksas are a group of people who made bunkers with robes for their survival. They are a group of people who caught fish with blessing threads. The Rajapaksas promoted Samma bribery to the Buddhist monks. All the monks antagonizing the Rajapaksa government today are monks who slept with the Rajapaksas then.

Limiting the electricity of the said monks who worked to build the regime of Rajapaksha and offering palaces to discarded Gotabha Rajapaksha from Colombo 7 is a problem. That mentality of the monks can explain by an example

The Buttala – Kataragama road is in the grip of wild elephants. These elephants go to villages to eat luxurious food. It is a warning that these elephants should not be fed from inside the vehicles. Because elephants get used to getting food from vehicles. After that, the vehicles that do not receive food are attacked.

In the case of Buddhist monks (So-called), this situation is more dangerous than wild elephants. Bandaranaike was shot dead by a Buddhist monk because of this. Kotalawala told a nice story about that case. He said that Banda had untied the dogs that I tied and that is why Banda shot.

The same fate has befallen the Rajapaksa government today.