Viranjan Tabugala – Here is the latest crook in the state of rogues


The people of Sri Lanka prefer to be enlightened by the light of others rather than progressing on their own. Because of this, any crook can fool them. Once they stood in a 4 km queue to get the so-called corona medicine from the fraudster Dhammika Veda. The rogues who should be sent to jail, sent the parliament. Club Wasantha was  recognized as a idol of the society.

Now another person has joined this list. He is Viranjan Thambugala, who is deceiving people under the guise of a business called Aura Lanka. Lanka Truth web site , Chanya Herath and Lanka E News have made many revelations about this crook.

According to the article written by Chanya Herath, the name ‘Tambugala’ is not the real name. Although he introduces himself as a doctor, he is not a western doctor, nor a registered Ayurwedic doctor in Ayurveda Council, Nor he has Hereditary ayurvedic  lineage.

According to him, his assets are 15 Billion USD. (it is greater wealth than Dhammika Perera). But he is not a tax payer of five cents or to the government. Although he is a complete failed in education, but a professor of deceiving people.

According to the article written by Sajeeva Chamikara to Lanka Truth website, Viranjan was a TV and radio repairer in Rajanganaya area. At that time while he was digging a  treasure he was arrested and he was  in Negombo prison. In addition, he has been in Anuradhapura prison in connection with a money fraud. In the year 2021, he has shown a USD 783 million aloe vera project in Anuradhapura district and obtained a large number of acres of  land. Basil Rajapaksa and SM Chandrasena have intervened for the transfer of land in a cabinet paper

The Lanka E News article has also written the above points with more details. National Alert  investigated those facts and confirmed them to be true. Today’s National Alert special disclosure is also about him. Anyone can easily measure the truth or falsity of what we say. The facts are as follows.

1. The $783 million Aloe vera project he said is a complete lie. Although almost 2 years have passed since the land was handed over, not a single aloe plant has been planted so far.

2. This land transfer was done in 2021. By 2021, the global market share for aloe vera-related products is less than $600 million. In such a situation no one will invest 783 USD Million in such project.

3. Viranjith Thambugala recently gave an interview to Neth FM Radio. He said that he has a patent worth 18 billion US dollars. He said it was for a drug, that he had developed for Alzheimer’s disease. He said that by selling it, Sri Lanka’s foreign debt could be settled. Neth FM damn journalists raised the ball to dash Viranjan but did not ask a word about his frauds.

4. Alzheimer’s is a neurological disease. The number of victims of the disease is very limited. Today, the total value of the market share of drugs for Alzheimer’s disease is 1.5 billion USD. Because of this, whatever drug is produced, the patent cannot be sold for a big amount.

5. And according to American medical reports,to date no one has discovered a medicine that can cure Alzheimer’s disease.

6. The value of the patent related to wifi technology that works for the whole world is 1.6 million USD. These facts are enough to understand that Tambugala’s claim that it owns a patent of 15 Billion USD  is utter lie.

7. Viranjith Thambugala does not have any registered business in America. Although the Aura Lanka website mentions a US based business called Aura International LLC, Further he has not mentioned the USA address.

8. It has been stated that the name of the American business partner is Walter Jayasinghe. Walter Jayasinghe is also a crook not second to Viranjan. He is a person  related to the racket led by Thilini Priyamali and Janaki Siriwardena.

The wisdom  is the main dividing line that separates man and beast. Man has an intelligence to understand what is fertile and barren. But the people of this country are an some crazy  group of people who see barren things  as fertile.