The IGP race heats up, CD Wickramaratne is in a conspiracy against Deshbandhu,


The President does not have full discretion regarding the appointment of the Inspector General of Police. The President should forward 3 names to the Constitutional council for the new IGP. It should be done according to seniority and merit. Here,

1. The Constitutional council has the power to disapprove names proposed by the President

2. The President too have a power, not to implement the name approved by the Constitutional council (Send it back for amendment).

Facts being so, President and the Constitutional council should work without conflict. Therefore, it is important to inquire about the composition of the Constitutional council.It is consists of 10 members.

Speaker, Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition are appointed as its members ex officio. In addition, the President, the ruling party and the main opposition have the power to appoint representatives. Accordingly, Nimal Siripala de Silva has been named as the President’s representative, Sagara Kariyawasam as the government’s representative, and Kabir Hashim as the main opposition representative.

Also, a representative should be nominated by the minor parties. Due to the conflicts between the parties, so far it is vacant.

In addition, three civil society representatives are also nominating  with the agreement of the government and the opposition. Accordingly, Dr. Pratap Ramanujam, Dr. Dilkushi Anula Wijesundara and Dr. Dinesha Samararatne have been appointed. Ramanujam has been served in Public Service Commission and the several  ministries. Dilkushi is a doctor. Dinesha is an expert in the field of legal education.

According to the current composition of the Constitutional council, the current ruling party has more power.

CD Wickramarathana is conspiring to appoint one of his henchman as IGP instead of retiring after the end of his tenure. He is plotting against Deshabandu Tennakoon in particular.

Accordingly, charges have been filed against Deshbandu Tennakon stating that the amount of money found in Gotabaya’s residence was not properly reported to the court. Yesterday, the charge sheets were forwarded to the Defense Secretary under the signature of CD Wickramarathana.

Moreover, the above secret letter was discreetly released to the media. Lanka E-News and Dasata Lanka, which received the confidential letter, published a news saying ‘Deshbandu’s IGP dream is over’.

In this regard, we made an inquiry to a top official of the Ministry of Defense. He said that a person does not become guilty just by filing a charge sheet. Therefore, he said that the letter sent by CD Wickramaratne will not affect the appointment of the next IGP.i

It is worthy to note, Whoever the ruler that, Ranil, Sajith or  Anura Kumara, maintaining law and order in the country is a indispensable duty . Now there is an economic crisis in Sri Lanka. It cannot be solved by agitation.

The solution to the economic crisis is to resume  the tourism industry and investments. It can only be done in a peaceful environment. Because of this, today the country needs an Inspector General of Police who can control the protests and agitations.