The time has come for the bodies of traitors to be shoveled out!


1960-80 was the golden age of left-wing politics. The Leftist camp was magnified with  China,Soviet Union and many. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the world’s first female Prime Minister, was also with the socialist camp. Accordingly, many of her policies took a socialist shape. On the other hand, she was anti-American.

Sirimavo brought the Special Act No. 28 of 1961 and kicked out multinational companies such as Shell, Mobil, Caltex, Exxon, Standard Oil from Sri Lanka. She also took over 83 gas stations belonging to American companies to the government without compensation. Further she established large factories in the country with the support of socialist camp.As a result of said moves  American-Sri Lankan relations were in crisis.

In the face of this situation, America was not a silent spectator. CIA agents conspired against Sirimavo. The CIA used a young man named Nandasiri who was lost in Russia. CIA agents made said young man with patriotic face. His original name ”Nandasiri”, changed to ”Rohana”. This is how they designed Rohana Wijeweera.

On American support, Rohana Wijeweera opposed Sirimavo. He led a rebellion in 1971 and tried to seize power. Although Sirimavo was able to quell the rebellion with help from the socialist camp, her government collapsed due to its influence.

In 1987, the Indo-Lanka Peace accord was signed.Accordingly, the Indian peacekeeping force came to Sri Lanka. Immediately after indo-lanka peace accord  Rohana Wijeweera armed himself and came back to the scene. Wijeweera worked in collaboration with the Prime Minister then R.Premadasa.He used the JVP as a assassin tool and killed his political rivals. At that time,war was raging in the north and south .In that situation, Wijeweera tried to seize power by leading an armed struggle.

As 2020 approached, the Corona pandamic spread all over the world. The tourism industry, which was the third largest source of dollars for Sri Lanka, completely collapsed. Accordingly, an economic crisis arose in the country. There were queues for oil, gas and milk. Lakhs lost their jobs. The people were disappointed. In the face of this situation, the foreign forces against Sri Lanka were active again.They conspired to anarchy the country by using JVP and Frontline Socialists. The conspiracy is not over yet.

1. In 1971, Rohana Wijeweera did not have the brains to see that Sirimavo could defeat the insurgency by taking military aid from the socialist camp.

2. In 1989, Rohana Wijeweera didn’t have the brains to see that he might be killed by Ranjan Wijeratne despite his deal with Premadasa.

3. Anura Kumar and Kumar Gunaratnam did not have the brains to see what would happen after Gota was chased in 2022 (Harini Amarasuriya said it in public).

4. JVP and Front-liners didn’t have the brains to see that Ranil’s brains would make them invalid coins, despite the their deals with Army commander Shavendra de Silva.

5. There is a story that, if the son does not do what the father did,he will be a bastard. Sajith’s father made a deal with JVP. Today Sajith is dealing with enemy forces. Sajith does not have a brain to understand the reasons that caused to shoveled out his father’s body

Modern democracy is not  ruling the country according to the will of all, but ruling according to the will of the majority. The JVP and the front-liners  are very few. But the impact they have made on the country is huge. Said impact  is not progressive but destructive. It is the responsibility of patriotic citizens to stop the destructive activities they are doing by taking the law of the country into their hands. It is not the army but the public that should take up arms for that.